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Rehanous a gaming-tech blog giving you all real and genuine articles which you all Also liked and loved very much. Today we are going to discuss about us. If you have many doubt regarding our website and also want to know that how this website is going on and who is the man behind it and many more questions so all will be answered today.

What is the Rehanous ?

Let’s discuss first our domain name selection story why I choose name of this website as Rehanous. So first we have our YouTube channel which named as Rehanous and in that I have taken this name because I want some unique name for my channel and at time a I have searched many names on YouTube but not that much I liked them so after that I have decided to make my channel name with my own name as my name is Rehanous so I decided Rehan as my first prefix in the name and after that OUS came from the word glorious I don’t know what I am doing that time but that time iny mind this word came and that why I decided to add glorious suffix in my name and hence our name Rehanous is made.

Now let’s answer how our website started after working on YouTube also. Now on 12th November on hosting websites many sales came and that time I have buyed hosting on that website now after taking hosting I have also purchased a domain to start from time = 0 and start a new journey in blogging. After that our blog website Rehanous.com started.

Why Gaming And Tech Niche?

Life is a game and that’s why I am a gamer

Gaming And technology are both a part of the digital world and I liked both of them as gaming is my passion and technology is my life as both of them gives me a smile.

Man Behind Rehanous

Rehan Kadri Rehanous
Rehan Kadri

Rehan Kadri AKA Rehanous is an gaming YouTuber and blogger since 2018. He has started his journey as a beginner in blogging and first blog he has started as name techrehanytstar.blogspot.com and after that he has worked with over 7+ websites for 1 years for each. Now this website is is its first WordPress website. Blogging make him happy and that’s why he is working in this. He is a student right now and will continue blogging in future also.

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My Experience On YouTube

So finally he has worked over 5+ years On YouTube On 2 channel first is deleted due to YouTube policies but now he is working on second called Rehanous which you can visit from above links. Now he is working on YouTube and publishing gaming related videos.

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You can contact us by directly mail us on [email protected]

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