All Monsters in Doors Roblox – All Characters & Entities in Game

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Today in this post I am going to explain all characters in Doors Roblox or all monsters in Doors Roblox.

all characters in doors roblox names

In today’s time, Roblox covers almost the whole gaming world and has many games to enjoy and if you are a horror games fan then you play the doors game in Roblox.

So if you just started playing and want to know all the characters in Doors roblox names here is a list guide for you.

All Characters List In Doors Roblox

There are almost 14 monsters in the game. There are 8 main entities and 6 secondary entities. Which try to kill you in the game now below is the list of all of them:

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  • Guiding Light
  • Eyes
  • Rush
  • Ambush
  • Screech
  • Halt
  • Seek
  • Figure

Secondary Entities:

  • Glitch
  • Hide
  • Snare
  • Jack
  • Timothy
  • Window

Now let us explore all the monsters indoors.

All Monsters In Doors

all characters in doors roblox names

Below is the explanation of all the monsters in the game:

Guiding Light

Guiding Light is an entity that can be seen in Hotel. It does the work of giving blue light and advice at some point in the game.

GUIDED Light monster in doors roblox
Credit: Roblox Fandom

It gives us advice on sounds and also some hints where we need it can’t be seen in the game but helps us a lot while playing the game.


Eyes monster in doors roblox
Credit: Roblox Fandom

The name gives us a hint that the entity will be eye focused one. Now this is the only entity with 37 eyes and purple smoke around it.

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This one is harmful to our health as will be seen in their eyes it will reduce our health by ten health per tick.

eyes Appearance

The only advice I can give you is one tip not to look into the eyes of this monster.


If you come closer you will be killed yes I said it right if you are playing doors in roblox and get caught by this monster and if you get close to it it will kill you instantly you come in contact with its radius.

Rush monster in doors roblox

This character contains a dangerous smile this one breaks all the light in the room and its presence can be seen by flickering off the lights in the room.

rush Appearance
Credit: Roblox Fandom


ambush character in doors roblox

After Rush, this is the monster that will kill you in seconds and yes it replaces the Rush.

You must find a hiding spot before it comes to your zone.

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It appears as a green light and a fog. Also, it screams two or six times before getting out of the room.


It’s an interesting one which will only be seen in the darker room. As its name suggests it screeches but it is not that much it is a quiet one.

screech monster in doors roblox

But its silent feature is the only weapon it can target you. Every time you will need to be patient and focused to know when the screech is coming.

Just don’t make noise and be in the lighter room to be safe from this monster.


Halt character in doors roblox

A ghost with blue glowing lights and a hallway. Its presence can be predicted by the flickering of lights in a large number.

It’s like Rush but has some more properties and yes it damages you by 60 when you come in contact with it.

halt hallway


Somebody said that doing something too much can be harmful for us it is true here why? Hiding for a long time in the game can make seek character come in front of you.

Hide monster in doors roblox

If after hiding a long time an effect pops up on the screen then you should only do one thing that is running.


The mouth creature also called the figure has a face of mouth and a ribcage attached to its neck.

Figure character in doors roblox
Credit: Roblox Fandom

Just a rare one because it appears only 2 twice in a game first in the library’s 100th door.

Play the game by watching your heartbeats because the monster uses the sound to catch you as it is blind.

Figure Appearance

Yes, this one also instantly kills you when you come in contact with it.


Glitch monster in doors roblox

If you are playing the game by being lazy that means if you are behind in the game and playing very slowly then here is a character that will damage you Glitch.

It attacks, scares, and also teleports you to your friends.

Now if you are thinking about how much it damages then it depends it can vary from 10 to 40.

To be safe from this monster one tip for you is always to be fast and move further in quick seconds to be a safer place and to be alone always.


Seek character in doors roblox
Credit: Roblox Fandom

The one-eye ghost will now chase you from room number 30 to 45 and 80 to 95 room number.

It is a one-eye humanoid ghost that follows in the above rooms when some obstacles come in front of you.


Jack character in doors roblox

Jack is the only creature that has only one job to do guess what it will be?

The answer is scary yes you heard it right it will only scare you and it comes in the closet more compared to an open door.

So be focused and playable while going in the closet.


Timothy character in doors roblox

The Timothy ghost how scary it sounds. The spider ghost is here to scare you now.

It can be found inside a drawer and when you open the drawer it can get spawned automatically.

It’s like Jack has only one thing to do scaring you and nothing else.

It shows very rarely that it will be only found 5 times in 1000 chances.

Timothy Appearance

Great now by my side I will say just the cute and innocent monster in your game.


Shadow monster in doors roblox
Credit: Roblox Fandom

The only creature by which you will not be that scared is the shadow it only has the task to scare you by flickering the lights and nothing else.

One tip ignore the shadow, move further, and enjoy the game.

FAQ You May Ask Us

How rare are Jack’s doors?

Jack just appeared 5/1000 times in a doors game of Roblox.

There are how many characters in the Doors Roblox game?

There are 14+ characters in the Roblox door game. Which can contain Guiding Light, Eyes, Rush, Ambush, Screech, Halt, Seek, Figure, Glitch, Hide, Snare, Jack, Timothy, Window.

Is Shadow the rarest entity in doors?

Yes, we can almost say that Shadow is the rarest entity in the game which has a minor job to do which is scaring by flickering of lights.

Conclusion For Today

So finally we got an explanation of all characters in Doors Roblox or all monsters in Doors Roblox.

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Also, let me know if you like our article or not. Also, have your thoughts on which is the rarest monster in doors game?

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