5 Best Free Fire Setting 2022 | How To Do Headshot In Free Fire

Free Fire Setting, Sensitivity, Control, Graphics, Basic, Headshot, Sound, and many more settings in the year 2022 are discussed here.

Hey guys how are you all I hope you are good and fine so guys today we are going to discuss on Best Free Fire Setting and also we will discuss how to do headshot in free Fire for them who are facing problem to do a headshot in this game.

Best Free Fire Setting

Free Fire is a game loved by many gamers and also this game is a battle Royal game with a unique concepts like new characters, new weapons, new skins and many more. Gamers like this game due to its good features and also good user gameplay experience.

Best Free Fire Setting

So guys this game gives us a good gameplay but many of you want to take this gameplay to the next level so that your gameplay experience also be increased so to do this you will need best Free Fire setting so now let’s start our setting list with first controls setting.

Control Setting

Controls Setting guys as you know controls play a major role in playing a game as our controls only decide how we will play our game. If our controls are perfect as we want we will play an epic game gameplay. But if it is not good as we want it will not be fine.

Free Fire Control Setting
Image Credit: YouTube

So to play good gameplay this setting is the most important setting for Free Fire Max. So to apply this setting you will need some changes to be done in your game settings.

Image Credit: YouTube

So guys as we can see in the above image we have to do some changes as given above in the image and below in the table.

Aim PrecisionDefault ☑
Left Fire ButtonScope Only ☑
Quick Weapon SwitchOFF ☑
Quick ReloadOFF ☑
AWM SnippingHold Fire To Scope ☑
Vehicle ControlsTwo-Handed ☑
Auto ParachuteOn ☑
In-Game TipsDefault ☑
Damage IndicatorClassic ☑
Auto Switch GunOFF ☑
Visual EffectsClassic ☑

So guys as we can see we have finally finished setting up our controls setting and guys if there is a change you should change it and if there is no change leave it.

Sensitivity Setting

Sensitivity setting every one wants as this helps us to make our gameplay smooth and will help us lot in taking headshots in the game. The setting we are going to give is the best sensitivity setting for Free Fire.

Image Credit: Youtube

Free Fire Setting is really good to apply it helps us in enhancing our gameplay experience by the use it you can easily take headshots and we will discuss also the best headshot setting for Free Fire in the upcoming below paragraph.

Image Credit: SportsKeeda

The Sensitivity setting is very easy to apply this setting which I will give and you can also see above in the image and below in the table.

Red Dot52
2x Scope38
4X Scope32
AWM Scope27

So guys we have finished two settings till now first is control and second is sensitivity now we will move to graphics settings.

Graphics Setting

Free Fire Graphics are good and also textures are good but as we know some people don’t like its graphics or some want to enhance more graphics in their game. So lets the graphics setting.

Free Fire Graphics Setting
Image Credit: Technical Masterminds

Follow the following settings for good graphics.

free fire Graphics settings
Image Credit: Sportskeeda
GraphicsUltra ☑
BrightnessVery Bright
High FPSHigh
languageAccording To Your Language

So guys we have finished our 3 settings now but we have to complete more settings to get our 100% experience in the game.

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Sound Settings

Now let’s start our sound settings guys as we know that sound also plays a major role while playing a game. We can understand players’ notice by their footsteps so that’s why to increase our gameplay level let’s improve our sound.

free fire sound settings
Image Credit: Sportskeeda
Sound Effect50

So guys as we can see that we have applied our changes and now at least some changes you will also feel after playing the game with these settings. Hope you all like this setting now. Now if you want to be a pro player you can try more changes according to your interest

How to do headshot in Free Fire?

Free Fire Headshot Setting
Image Credit: Youtube

So guys headshot everyone wants to do headshot in the game and if you know how to do headshot then I think you are a pro player but if you don’t you should apply our above settings and try to play the game and also one tip tries to drag your aim for a headshot.

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Free Fire Settings QNA

What is the best setting for free fire?

So to make the best in your game you should apply the following settings – best controls settings, graphics settings, sound settings, and sensitivity settings to improve your game which is given in this article.

How do you set a headshot on free fire?

To do a headshot you should also apply our settings which are given in this article to improve your gameplay experience so that your headshot on Free Fire also improves.


Free Fire game has changed the gaming universe because of this game many new gamers ce to this gaming world. Now many tournaments are getting held on and if you want to improve your experience try our settings guys. You will get a 100% good experience.

Comment your thoughts and share this article with your Free Fire squad members and also Free Fire friend’s so that they also get this setting which will help them also. Thanks for reading this article guys.

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