Best Games For Android Offline

Top 3 Games For Android | Best Games For Android Offline

Today we can play games in many categories like action-adventure, role-playing and etc. The gaming universe is increasing day by day many new gamers are coming into this world due to this, games need to increase and hence many big companies are entering this mobile gaming industry. Many mobile versions are made available of PC and PS4 games. So if you are a gamer or upcoming gamer you should read this post on best games for android offline 2022. The post will give you the top 3 list of games for android.

Best Games For Android Offline

So guys If you want to know the top 3 list today in this post so see the given games so let’s start the count down. So first I want to tell you before starting the top list that today the list is given by us is from google data and from some big websites data. So lets start now the Best Games For Android Offline list.

Best Games For Android Offline
credit: youtube

Top 3 Games For Android List

1.Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact a role-playing, action-adventure game developed by MIHOYO is released for Android/IOS in 2020. Later the game is also released for PC after watching its increasing popularity. Now the game is going to release for PS5 in the year 2022. The game characters are based on Anime and yes this game’s gameplay is very good as its size is high there are some smartphones that gives us a bad gameplay experience or some smartphone don’t support this game. But talking about user experience and also gameplay experience both are good.

Credit: MIHOYO
Game Size10 GB
Required Ram4GB
Play Store LinkGenshin Impact
Genshin Impact Gameplay Images
credit: MIHOYO

2.Valorant Mobile

Valorant Mobile is an FPS shooter game for PC that is finally released this year. The game is going to be developed and published for mobile by Riot Games. The game is a 5v5 FPS game that is released for PC in April 2020 and this game is made using Unreal Engine technology which makes its graphics very good. After the game was officially released for PC, many copies are sold of this game and due to this, it became one of the best game of 2020.

best game for android
Credit: Riot Games
Game Size2 GB
Required RAM4GB
Game DeveloperRiot Games
Play Store LinkValorant Mobile
Valorant Gameplay Image:
top 3 games for android
Credit: Riot Games

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex legends mobile is a game that is going to launch this year for our android device. The game is developed by EA Games and will be available soon to play on our mobile. This game is famous among many gamers and is played on a large scale. If you are a fan of this game you should try this game. When i am writing this article the game is in the beta stage and yet to be released in the stable version. Talking About Apex Legend the game is released globally in the year 2019 on PS4 and Xbox.
Credit: EA Games
Game Size2 GB
RAM Required4 GB
Game DevelopersEA Games
Play Store LinkApex Legends Mobile

Conclusion: All the games are good and contain a good gameplay experience. If you come here to see the top 3 games for the android list so I think you got it by reading our article today. If you like our article you can share this post on social media. Thanks for reading our article on best games for android offline under 4GB RAM.

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