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Best Games Like Minecraft PE For Android / IOS

Top 5 Best Games Games Like Minecraft, Alternative / Similar Games For Android / IOS / Windows all are discussed here.

So hey guy this is Rehan Kadri and welcome to our website Rehanous so guys as we know that Minecraft popularity is increasing day by day many Minecraft fans like this game so much and they are crazy about this game alot. They always thinks about Minecraft game there home, how to survive what to do new things, which are the unique ways to play Minecraft and many more. But guys have you ever thought to try Minecraft alternative games which will make you feel that you are playing Minecraft but in a new way. You will never feel boring while playing this similar games like Minecraft.

Best Games Like Minecraft PE

We have given some best games which will make you feel similar like you are playing Minecraft game. This games are good to play and have lots of fun. So friends if you want the Games like Minecraft with better graphics then I think you will get it in this article.

Crafting and Building

This game concept is same like Minecraft this game looks are similar. The name of the game gives us a hint that we will craft and build something in this game.

games like Minecraft PE
Credit: GeneRe

The theme will contain skin the change in the game the instruments for surviving are similar to Minecraft game. The game is available on Play Store to download and play.

Game TitleCrafting And Building
Game Size127 MB
Play Store LinkClick Here
Crafting and Building game
Credit: GeneRe

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The Block Heads

The game is like a 2D version of Minecraft we have to play the game in a 2 D visuals and the game character is also good we have to build and craft some thing good in the game.

Block Heads Game
Image Credit: (

The special feature of the game is that it doesn’t need internet connection so players who face internet issue problems can play this game without any problem.

The game controls are also good and easy to understand beginners can play this game to understand the game concept better.

Game TitleThe Block Heads
Game Size200 MB
Game Store LinkClick Here
games like Minecraft PE For Android
Image Credit: (

Multicraft – Build and Mine

The game is similar to the game Minecraft and the concept are also same. The game has so many resources to build and construct houses and much more for survival.

MultiCraft Game
Image Credit: Multicraft Studios

This game support offline / online both modes players can play this game with there friends also as Multiplayer. The game concept is also good to play. The controls are also easy to understand beginners will be happy to play this game.

Game TitleMulticraft
Game Size18 MB
Downloads10 Million +
Play Store LinkClick Here
Image Credit: Multi Craft Studios

Earth Craft

The game title gives us an idea that this game will contain some crafting and building concept. The game has so many resources to play and survive in the game. The game is available on play store mand has lots of downloads. The game also contains hunting and fishing activities which will make it a interesting game. And guys if you are searching from large time about best games like Minecraft for android thai games then I think you should try this game.

Games Similar To Minecraft PE
Image Credit: Black Rat Studios

Surviving and exploring the world is the concept if the game. The game rating is also good the game store. The game is also having good gameplay experience and gives us a good UI to control in the game.

Game TitleEarth Craft
Game Size100 MB
No Of Downloads1 Million +
Play Store LinkClick here
Earth Craft
Image Credit:

Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator

A new concept game in which we have to build some resources to survive in the game. The game graphics are of pixelated version. But the game experience is good of its users.

Block Craft Image
Image Credit: Fun Games

The game will contain lots of resources tobuse and make some thing to survive in the game and guys if you are searching for best games like Minecraft for android thai games is for you all guys.

Talking about the controls they are easy to handle and also the game is not that much hard to play. The game contains 10 Million + downloads on play store and it’s also increasing due to this game popularity. The game ratings are also good so you can play this game for a fun with some survival concept in the game.

Game TitleBlock Craft 3D
Game Size77 MB
No of Downloads10 Million +
Play Store LinkClick Here
Block Craft Image
Image Credit: Fun Games

Minecraft PE Similar Games Video

Guys if you want to see similar Games Like Minecraft PE in a visual mode then watch this video we have searched on YouTube and git the best video on internet for you.

Minecraft Similar Games FAQ

Which game is most similar to Minecraft?

There are many games which are made similar to Minecraft game due to its popularity and if you want best Games Like Minecraft then for example games are:
1.Crafting and Building
2.The Block Heads
3.Multicraft – Build and Mine
4.Earth Craft
5.Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator

What app is like Minecraft but free?

The Games made similar to Minecraft are all free to play so you can download them from play store but if for example I will give you some examples:
1.Earth Craft
2.Multicraft – Build and Mine
3.The Block Heads

Minecraft PE Similar Games Conclusion

In this article we have tried to cover the top 5 Games Like Minecraft for Android and I hope you have tried one of them. The Games are easy to play and played by many of Minecraft’s similar games gamers.

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So if you liked our article on best games like Minecraft PE for android then be sure to share this article with your Minecraft playing friends. Thanks For Reading.

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