CarX Street Apk OBB Download For Android / IOS 2023

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In today’s post, I will show you step by step guide to CarX Street apk obb download for android / IOS 2023 without any issues.

The fact that I played this game hours after its launch and I just got shocked because damn! I just got a realistic experience after a long time.

Just want to share that experience with you all so are you excited?

After that, I tried almost all smartphones of different companies to check whether It will work on your mobile too. Now how was the result? Do you want to know then be in this article?

Because in this article I have covered all the points which you need to know before downloading or installing CarX Street Mobile.

So now let’s win the race and start this article.

CarX Street Apk Download For Android

CarX Street Apk For Android IOS

CarX Street Mobile is now finally available to officially play on all android and iOS devices.

On 30th December 2022, it was released for some countries as beta testing. But if we download its apk from other sources and play it works also the reviews are interesting to see as the game is one of the much-awaited games of 2022.

It can be played on iOS too. So now let’s discuss supporting this game in iOS.

Game TitleCarX Street
Game Size1.10 GB
Available forAndroid/IOS
Play Store linkClick here
Apple Store linkClick here

CarX Street Download For IOS

CarX Street IOS

There is a fact that every game developer wants to expand his game users to the next level hence he launches his game on android as well as iOS.

These game developers also want to expand their game users to a large scale hence they also launched this game for IOS too.

Yes, the game size is having some differences but the game is available on IOS. And if you want the CarX Street Mobile IOS to download link then we have given that below.

CarX Street 0.8.5 Apk OBB

On 30th December 2022, they rolled out a new version of this game which is 0.8.5 which is having new features if you want to know what are the features so here is the list.


CarX Street Features
  • Career mode has more features added like a dynamic change of day, drift at high speed, buy houses of cars, and many more
  • Graphics improved now you can compare it to realistic car games
  • Car’s related things are improvement


I just asked many users on our subscribers base how was the game they just said that the controls and the gameplay are realistic.

Also, they said that it is one of the best high-graphics car racing games for android.

YouTube video
Watch now for the official gameplay

Read the full gameplay information article here.


The one-line answer you want? So here it is Loved it. The game is just perfect and also I liked the controller’s button which gives us cloud gaming transparent buttons-like vibes.

Gameplay is also at top-notch and yes there are many graphics settings you can apply if you have a high-end smartphone try its max graphics you will fall in love with it.

Lag issues are also not there and as it is in the testing phase I think it’s neglected. Crashes and also stopped loading screen problems will be get fixed in upcoming updates.

For more read the Metacritic review.

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Fix issues

There are many problems faced by users of this game as it is in beta testing but there are solutions to all problems so here are the issues and their fixes.

Unsupported Devices Fix

The game needs at least 6 GB to be well played without any lag processor should be a minimum of snapdragon 650 for detailed information about requirements read this.

Now if you have at least these points which are discussed below paragraph then I think it will work but if not then it will definitely show you that problem. So try to play this game with a minimum of 6 GB ram smartphone with a good processor.

Not Available In Your Country Fix

CarX Street Not Available In Country Fix

If you are from a country in which this game show is not available in your country line in the play store instead of the install button. Then there are some tricks you can try to officially install it from the play store.

  1. Playstore Method
  1. Download any VPN from the play store
  2. Now just open it and select the country as ‘Philippines
  3. Exit the application
  4. Open settings go to Manage Apps > System Apps > select play store and just force stop it.
  5. Done now go to this link and it will be automatically get opened in the play store but if not try to open it manually.
  6. Now you will see the download button just download it and hence all done.
  7. After installing disconnect the VPN and start playing.

2. Install APK Manually

carX Street Install apk
Install Manually

Just install the apk from the below link and install it and here you go it works without any effort you will get it.


FAQ You May Ask

How to play CarX Street on mobile?

You will have to download the mobile version of this game. It is available officially on the play store and app store.

Is CarX Street free on mobile?

Yes, The base game of CarX Street is available to download for free on both Google Play Store and App Store, but the game does offer in-app purchases such as new cars, upgrades, and other items that can be bought by the players.

Is CarX Street available for iOS?

Yes, it is available to play officially on iOS also as it is officially released globally on 30th December 2022.

Is there any specific mobile operating system requirement to download CarX Street?

Yes, the game requires Android 4.1 or later and iOS 8.0 or later to run. Also you will need at least 6GB of RAM and 4 GB free space to play this game (including in-game resources) and also a good processor (minimum snapdragon 665)

How many GB is CarX Street mobile?

Minimum 4 GB ROM space required (including in-game downloads)

Is there a difference in gameplay between the mobile version and other versions of CarX Street?

The gameplay of the mobile version of CarX Street is similar to the gameplay on other platforms, but it may have some slight differences such as controls optimized for touch screens and some graphic differences.

Wrap up! this race

CarX Street will be a game changer for the car racing games industry as it will boom the population of high graphics racing games also we covered all the points related to CarX Street apk obb download for android / IOS 2023.

Hope you find all information important it’s time to say goodbye to this article.

Do you know that there is one more game that is like this game and recently launched for mobile devices read more about the Wreckfest Mobile apk article here.

Comment us what you review about this brand new racing action game.

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