How to Change Game Mode in Minecraft?

I like to say today we are going to give you a complete guide on How to Change Game Mode in Minecraft also we are discussing the best method to do that so like using commands, settings, and many more.

change game mode in minecraft

In fact, the methods we are going to do are so easy that a beginner can also do them.

This is the most customizable game of all time.


Because it has lots of features to do example you can build your empire, you can use cheats to customize and etc.

This one gives 5 mode choices to play (creative, survival, adventure, spectator, and hardcore) and also we enjoy playing them.

Note: All modes don't support the versions we are playing some supports in PC version and some in Mobile version so take a note of it.

In Initial Days Minecraft came up with just two modes (survival and creative) but now as they roll on its updates time by the time they have added more three modes (adventure, spectator, hardcore), and yes it was their best decision to add modes.

Now after playing different modes you loved all of them and want to switch between them so that’s why I ask you.

Do you want to change game modes in Minecraft? If yes here is a guide.

How To Change Game Mode In Minecraft

1.Open ‘Chat’ in your Minecraft by typing “T” or “/”

PlatformsOpen Chat Shortcut
MobileTap on the speech bubble icon.
PCTap T on your keyboard.
XboxTap right on the D-Pad.
NintendoTap right on the D-Pad.
PlayStationTap right on the D-Pad.

2.Now type /gamemode survival in the typing place and tap enter.

The mode you are playing will be changed.

Survival Mode/gamemode survival
Creative Mode/gamemode creative
Adventure Mode/gamemode adventure
Spectator Mode/gamemode spectator
Hardcore Mode
You can't change the mode from another mode to hardcore mode (Sad! Emotion).

By this method you can change the mode now with the help of game keyboard shortcut now are you confuse by which mode you should play?

How To Change Game Mode In Minecraft PE

Follow all the steps carefully to get your work done successfully.
  1. You have to first pause the game.
Minecraft gameplay with diamond sword

2. Now you have to tap on settings.

Tap on Minecraft-pe-setting

3. Go to Game > Personal Mode and select your Mode.

Minecraft setting option opened

With these steps, you can easily switch between modes.

Using Switcher

This is will a guide to interchange modes in this game using the latest technique that is switcher note this is only applicable for java edition users.

1.Tap and hold on the F3 button and also tap and release the F4 button.

game mode using switcher

By tapping and holding the F3 button and also tapping and releasing the F4 button you will be able to see a popup window

2. Select your mode

By doing step 1 you will be able to see a pop-up game mode menu now in which you can select your favorite mode you want to try.

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So to solve your problem. Here is a detailed information about each mode.

Types Of Modes

Survival Mode

Hey if you want to enjoy with real experience in which you will die and also if you die you have to start again means your equipment and food which you collected will be at level 0 means all will get empty and you have to collect them again.

Also, you have to maintain your health, hunger bar in which you have to live your life as we live in real life like you have to sleep, eat, survive, find food for yourself, and many more.

We have discussed what you will enjoy in survival mode now let’s discuss its cons yes there are some disadvantages like you can’t fly in this mode as we are living our life like real it can’t be done in the mode also.

Creative Mode

Now, most of the please enjoy this mode as in this we can do anything almost anything.

How? Let’s discuss that also.

In creative mode, you can do the following things.

  • Craft anything
  • No health issue
  • No hunger issue
  • Search bar available
  • You can Fly

Now isn’t it sound good. Now if you have doubt about what the left 3 modes will have? Let’s go through them also.

Adventure Mode

By the mode title you can guess about it yes it is an adventure mode. You will experience an adventure in which you have to kill mobs and also they will try their best to attack you so you have to manage yourself to be safe as possible.

There will be a hunger bar, a health bar, and also talking about disadvantages there be no way you can fly in this mode (Sad! emotion).

Now, do you know what is spectator mode? If not Let’s know about it.

Spectator Mode

In this mode you can spectate anyone its features are like creative mode example you don’t need to worry about the health bar, or hunger bar also you can’t harm mobs, and also they will not harm you. So if you want a new experience like spectating with mobs you can try this mode.

Hey, now it’s time to discuss the hardest mode ever. Do you want to know about it so before that is hard to read (just joking).

Hard Core Mode

Now this one is the hardest mode till now and is played by only pro players but if you are a beginner you can try it. Yes just to take experience.

Now, this mode will have only one life to play also you will have to maintain the bars and yes there will be mobs to attack you and also you can attack them for survival.

You can't switch from creative to hard core as the shortcut is not yet available.

FAQ Related To Topic

How To Change Game Mode In Minecraft?

Tap T or / and go to chat then type this command “/gamemode ‘your mode’ ” that’s it.

Is there any way to change the game mode?

Yes by using commands, settings, and at last by switcher.

What is the fastest way to change your mode?

Tap the T button and go to command and type /gamemode yourmode that will change your mode.


Now finally we have covered all the points on How to change the game mode in Minecraft and this settings which We discuss you can try them and change your game mode very quick.

Also if you have doubts comment to us in the comment section below.

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Thanks for reading.

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