(100% Working) Cricket 19 Game Download For Android In 2023

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Do you want to download Cricket 19 game For your Android mobile if yes this article is For you. Why?

Because today in this article you will see the best guide to download this game and play it smoothly on your mobile.

Cricket 19 Game Download For Android

We have tried almost 25 + app’s and also we tried emulator games to see which game works well on almost all devices after trying all of them we got one that will definitely give you a chance to download the game on your android device.

So are you ready to dive right into this article? If yes then I think we should start our article now.

Cricket 19 Apk For Android

Cricket 19 is a game that is available for PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and many more but not available for Mobile devices, and talking about Apk which will work on Android is a huge issue.

Cricket 19 android

So now how we can play this game? Is there any solution? The answer to these two question is yes. But how?

By using an alternative app that gives us to play the game on our devices. If you want to know which app is that you should follow the below articles too.

Download For Android

Many of you are facing problems playing it on your mobile but have you think is there any chance to play the real one? I think you have thought about it and tried too but haven’t got what you are searching for isn’t right? If yes I think you can play the game by using emulators if you want the real one.

Cricket 19 Android gameplay

I will explain how to do that steps but before that, I think I should give you a quick overview.

What Is Cricket 19?

Cricket 19 is the most famous game now which is released on 27th May 2019 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC. This game is developed by Big Ant studios. The game is having two types of modes in which you can play this game as a single offline and also you can play it in multiplayer mode.

Cricket 19 Features

Having many types of series in the game makes it a full-pack cricket game. The ashes series is the most famous and loved series among all game users.

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Game Features

The game is having a lot of features to explore and talking about its most used feature is its customization, the game us a dept customization feature in which we can make and also modify the players.

cricket 19 apk download

Also, its realistic graphics, faces, pitch, and stadiums give the game a real experience while playing.


The gameplay of the game very looks and it is fulfilling the promise that giving a real experience of this sport in the game.

Now there are many modes you can try and I recommend you before playing the game you should try the practice tutorial first.

System Requirements

To play this game on your device you should have the following table requirements.

Minimum Requirements

ROM30 GB +
OSWindows 7
GPUIntel I3
Pixel Shader5.0

Best And Recommended Requirements

ROM30 GB +
OSWindows 10
GPUIntel I5
Pixel Shader5.1

Vky Gaming Starji Cricket 19

VKY gaming starji is an cricket-based gaming YouTuber in which he gives us tutorial and game updates. Also, he is famous for his game downloading tutorial.

You should watch his gaming tutorial there on his channel. To find his channel you should search on YouTube.

PPSSPP Download

PPSSPP emulator is famous among all the emulators which are available for android but are you thinking that this game is available for PPSSPP? So the answer to this question is No. The game is not supported for ppsspp emulator as the game iso file is not yet released for the emulator.

cricket 19 Android download ppsspp

So if you are searching for ppsspp emulator game then there is bad news you have read now for you. But yes it’s the reality.

But do you want to play an alternative game Or want to play a real sports game then here is a guide for you.

ISO File

First of all today we want to give you the right answer of all these queries which you are searching like ppsspp iso file download and all.

So is this game is available for PPSSPP the answer is ‘NO’. Why? as ppsspp doesn’t support games of PS4 or PS5 for full information read this paragraph where we answered in dept. Hence it is not possible right now to get the real game.

How To Download On Android?

To Download you should follow the step by step guide which we have given below. Also you should try both the types of tutorial we have given to you.

Download For Android Play Store

If you don’t have good specification mobile you should try these steps in which you will not get the real game but the best game alternative which will give you a real experience like the original game.

  • Click on below download button.
  • Then you will be redirected to a play store page.
  • Just tap On install there.
  • Now after installing the game.
  • Open it and enjoy.

By Emulator

Now, this tutorial step is for the one who has good internet speed and a good specification mobile. So you have to do the following steps to play the game.

  • Click on the download button below.
  • Now you will be redirected to download an emulator from the play store.
  • Now install the app.
  • After installing open the app.
  • Now sign in using your Google account in the emulator app.
  • After that just go to search and find Cricket 19 or type the game name.
  • Open the tab and just say play.
  • You will see that there is a queue of 999+ users so you will have to wait for at least 5 minutes after that queue you will see that your game started opening and also you will see emulator buttons coming on screen. Just start playing and yes you got it.


Questions You May Ask

How many MB is Cricket 19?

The game is having a size of 25 + GB and also if you use patch files (save data) you will get the game total size as 30 GB.

Is this an offline game?

There is two options in the game you have to choose either you want to play multiplayer or you have to play offline that is by the computer as an opponent.

How To Play Cricket 19 On Android?

If you want to play this game you should have a good specification mobile if you have then you can try this trick just download chikki emulator from the play store and then open it and search Cricket 19 and open that tab after that there is a queue you can see. Just wait for some time and after that, you can smoothly play this game on your mobile.

Is Cricket 19 available for download on Android devices?

No, “Cricket 19” is not available for download on Android devices.

Can I play Cricket 19 on my Android phone?

No, “Cricket 19” is not available for Android devices.

Are there any alternatives to Cricket 19 for Android users?

Yes, there are several alternative cricket games available on the Google Play Store that Android users can try.

Can I download Cricket 19 APK file for my Android phone?

No, “Cricket 19” is not available for download in the form of an APK file for Android devices.


So guys finally we have explored all the queries which you are searching on the internet.

Friends, you should try both the methods which we have given a tutorial on first is APK, and the second is related to playing the game with the help of an emulator. Also if you want to experience a real game you must have to try the second tutorial.

Also if you have more questions related to Cricket 19 download for Android you should comment us about that from the below comment section.

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So it’s time to say you goodbye. Thanks for reading this article.

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