CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity

CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity Converter, Calculator, Mouse DPI

CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity Converter, Calculator, mouse DPI, in-game Field of View (FOV), and screen resolution all are discussed here.

Valorant to csgo Sensitivity Converter
CSGO To Valorant Sensitivity Convertor

Sensitivity is one of the most important factors while playing the best games and if we talk about games like valorant [FPS] we must need it.

Having low sensitivity in the game makes us feel difficult to play it. If you are a beginner in this game you will need the right sensitivity to play. With the right sensitivity, you also need all about mouse DPI, in-game Field of View (FOV), and screen resolution.

Also now we know that most of the games come with default sensitivity as Valorant comes with 0.8 and CSGO with 2.0 so we have to adjust it.

If you are playing the game of CSGO and you want to convert the sensitivity as you just recently switched the game from CSGO to valiant so you will need to read this article in this article we are going to give you the technique to convert it also we are going to give you the formula to convert it just read the whole article to understand better.

CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity Converter

Here we have made a CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity Converter which helps you to convert the game sensitivity with our aby calculation just write the sensitivity of CSGO and you will get the sensitivity of Valorant to play.

Valorant Sensitivity:

Note: Keep the mouse DPI of valorant game the same as the CSGO game.

CSGO To Valorant Sensitivity Formula

Now how we have made this tool of converting this sensitivity there is a formula to use this you have to just divide the CSGO sensitivity by 3.18.

CSGO Sensitivity / 3.18

CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity Formula
CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity Formula


We have a sensitivity of CSGO as 2.0 so we will decide it with the 3.18 by dividing we get 0.628 and yes it’s just simple this is the valorant sensitivity of yours.

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Copying Pros Sensitivity Is Good?

There are many players in this world who has the best sensitivity but as we know they are practicing the game for many years and after achieving their perfect numbers for their game setting they play games like a pro. So same you should also play the game and also you should try to change settings and also apply different settings to get your perfect setting numbers.

So I think you have got it the point and will try to get the perfect number of yours. Try to play with lower sensitivity at the beginning.

How to improve and get the game perfect sensitivity of Valorant and CSGO?

These are the following points to improve the sensitivity of valorant.

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Valorant Sensitivity Improve
  • Lower the sensitivity at the beginning of the game
  • Play DM’s to practice the game and get the right number for you.
  • Practice and practice try to switch different sensitivities to get the perfect one.
  • If you feel like overcompensating try to decrease sensitivity.
  • Increase the sensitivity if you can’t get a quick adjustment.

There are a few points we have discussed above which will help you to improve in the game and find the best number for you.

FAQ You May Ask

How do I convert CSGO Sens To Valorant Sens?

If you want to convert from CSGO to Valorant just divide by 3.18

Is 1 Valorant a good sensitivity?

Try to be as lower you can we recommend the sensitivity number as 0.35 or 0.40

What is a good eDPI for Valorant?

The best eDPI for Valorant is 150 to 400.

CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity Converter Online

Finally, we have discussed all about CSGO to Valorant Sensitivity Converter, Calculator, mouse DPI, in-game Field of View (FOV), and screen resolution if you have any doubt comment below. That much for today read more articles from our home page

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