Egg Ns Emulator Apk Download For Android/IOS Latest Version

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Today in this post we are going to download the egg ns emulator APK on android/IOS that comes with:

  • Egg Ns Emulator Latest Version
  • Egg Ns Emulator Apk Mod
  • Egg Ns Without Controller

So are you going to download it? If yes then let’s dive right in.

What is Egg NS Emulator?

Egg Ns emulator is a new Nintendo Switch Games emulator for Android/IOS supports almost all game of this platform. It supports NSP, XCI file extension now and will support more in future. Developer’s NXTeam are working very hard to make it a complete emulator and will work in future too as per our sources.

Egg Ns Emulator Apk Download

Many of you want to play Nintendo Switch games on your mobile but the one problem every user is facing that the games are having high requirements compare to our mobile specifications.

egg ns emulator apk download

But Egg Ns Emulator developer’s created a masterpiece that supports NSP/XCI files which gives us a chance to play any Nintendo game in our android/IOS device.

So to play all games you will need this emulator so that’s why I am writing this article to give you the Egg NS Emulator APK.

TitleEgg NS Emulator
Available OnOfficial Website

Latest Version

There are many emulators who claim that they support high graphics games but they can’t.

But talking about this one it supports high graphics big games without any lag.

This emulator supports NSP/XCI extension which works on Nintendo.

Talking about downloading the emulator’s latest version you will get it here.

As we will update, every day new update as update comes.

Without Controller

High graphics games remind us about the controllers PS5/Xbox consoles need controllers to play.

Nintendo Switch needs controllers to play then why not this app will not require any controller?

Yes, the app requires the controller to play the game for free but if you don’t have a controller and want to play it immediately then you have to pay some dollars to get the enjoyment without a break.

There are two options one is with membership and one with a free version but it requires a controller.

So if you want to know more about this let’s discuss some VIP membership.

VIP Membership

Membership allows us to increase our features in-app.

It may be any app some give us the freedom to access all features and some charge us to unlock it.

EggNS charge us some amount to unlock it without a controller option by which we can play any game without having a controller.

Below are the prices with the features it is giving us.

Paying AmountFeatures
0.99$One-time purchase restriction
3.99$30 Days Touch Controls
11.99$90 Days Touch Controls
34.99360 Days Touch Controls
54.99$720 Days Touch Controls

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To play all games without any issue we need the following requirements to be there on our smartphone:

  • RAM: 6GB+
  • Processor: Snapdragon 665+
  • OS: Android (IOS Not Supported)
  • Free Space: 300MB+40MB=340MB
  • Version: Android 10


Finally, We can say that We will be able to play games without reducing our quality and also We don’t need to play fan-made games now to fully feel our dream.

Now We just need this app to play the Nintendo game We want.

The gameplay feels like the Nintendo Switch with the same graphics as there in the Switch.

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This app contains lots of features to explore some of them We have listed below for you:

  • Easily playable
  • Fixed crashed
  • Best Graphics
  • With Graphics/Sound Card support
  • Without Ads
  • No downloading charge
  • In-App UI is awesome

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Compatible Games

This app was launched recently for Android/IOS and supports almost all the games.

If you want all the supported devices list you can check this official list by the developers on their website.

How To Play Games In EggNS Emulator

Following are the steps to play any game in EggNs Emulator.

Download Apk

First, you should download the APK from the below links or from here.

eggns emulator app download

After that install the apk.

Nintendo Switch emulator

Extract Switchdroid Folder

Now download one file which contains a folder with the name “SwitchDroid” but you will need to extract the file using the app Zarchiver. and need to paste the folder into Device memory.

eggns emulator games
Click On Extract-here

VIP Subscription Sign-In

If you have a controller then you will not need any subscription.

But you don’t have then you will need it definitely.

One good news for you is that you can try it for free. How?

By making an account and signing in using it.

egg ns emulator sign in
Register using your Google account

You will get 3 day’s free trial to play the game.

vip for 3 days egg ns
Free 3 Day’s VIP Subscription

Just enjoy these 3 days thereafter you can try to subscribe to the subscription.

Download Games

If you want to download or buy games for this app you can search it on the internet like “Your game name + NSP/XCI file download”

home of egg emulator

You can see we have installed WWE2K18 and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu for example You can try others too.

Best Settings To Setup

Now just go to settings in this app.

egg ns settings
Add your location of Switchdroid and Games

and follow all the video settings so that you play all the games without any lag.

Download EggsNS Emulator Apk

Below is a direct link from which you can download the latest version file.

Emulator Apk And Switchdroid Link

Here is the app link.

Keys Link Here: Download Product Key

FAQ You May Ask Us

What is an Egg NS emulator?

It is a Nintendo Switch game-playing emulator that works for Android devices and May have future updates which will give us IOS support too.

Is there any Nintendo Switch emulator for Android?

Yes, We have two working emulator which supports and gives us a chance to play Nintendo Games first is Skyline and the second one is EggNS.

Can you play switch games on Android?

Yes with the help of two emulators you can try you can Switch one of them. The first is Egg NS and the second one is Skyline.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this article showed you all information you need to get the Egg NS emulator APK on your Android device.

Now I want to tell you that it’s your turn to download the app and play all the Switch games.

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Let me know which game You are going to play today in the comments.

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