This Is How I (Fixed) White Spots On Mobile Screen (Easily)

Today in this post I will give you complete details on How to Fix White Spots on Mobile Screen, Phone, & Laptop Screen.

How To Fix White Spots On Mobile Screen

This problem is increasing day by day after screen replacement in today’s mobile phones. Whether they are after screen replacement or after buying the smartphone. I will show you:

  • How To Fix White Spots On Phone Screen
  • How To Fix White Spots On Phone Screen After Replacement
  • How To Fix White Dots On Mobile Screen

I’ve even got a bonus tip that shows you how this will be the last time white spots will appear on your mobile screen will appear on your phone.

Ready to fix your screen? Let’s get to it!

Why White Spots On My Mobile Screen?

It’s a story of me struggling for almost 10 days to find fixes for white spots on my phone screen but guess what i tried 100+ settings but nothing worked for me. But after searching on the Internet I found that it was not a setting error, but a screen problem.

So I just ran to my Samsung service station, and they said that it could be seen after the screen replacement process when the technician screw the screen very extensively. Also before saying this, they checked that it was an internal problem or a setting error like a ghost or unresponsive touches.

So after confirming that it was a screen problem, they did the following steps to fix the bright spots:

How To Fix White Spots On The Mobile Screen

To resolve the white spots on the phone screen just go to your nearby service station or you can fix it by just using a mobile repair-friendly screwdriver which is specially designed for smartphones.

Fix White Dots On Phone Screen
Check Is There Is Setting Issue
  1. Open your phone’s back panel using the screwdriver now you will see various circuits including the motherboard.
  2. Just do some observation where the white spots are there exactly.
  3. After observing, find the screen exactly behind the white spot if they unscrew it.
  4. Most of the time the spot can be found in the middle as most of the screws are located there.
  5. After that just adjust the screw and also you can make the screw a little bit loose.
  6. It should fix the screen problem now.
How To Fix White Spots On Phone Screen
Loosing the screw

Some of these problems may arise due to dust, some little particles, or pressing with overpressure may also cause the issue. So If it doesn’t work for you, just try to remove the screen by taking the help of an expert. After removing and reattaching it can fix the problem.

Service stations may cause you some amount to pay, but they are a lifesaver. Why? There are experts are there who are specially chosen by the company to fix this type of error. So if you want my opinion they go with the experts.

Let’s Summarize It!

Summarizing How To Fix White Dots On The Mobile Screen

How To Fix White Spots On Mobile Screen Phone

Visit a service station to fix the issue as soon as possible as it can grow big and can increase the size of the white spot as time goes on.

Also if you want to do it on your own then you can do it manually by just opening the back panel of your smartphone just by the screwdriver made specially for mobile reparing.

Just find the spot area and just exactly behind it lose the screw so that if it is screwed excessively then it will fix that.

Also if it didnt work for you then just remove the screen and just reattach the screen it should fix the issue.

Just one thing you should note if any of the steps didnt work for you then just one choice for you and I’ll also give you advice that go for an expert.

How Dangerous Can White Spots on Smartphone Screens

Is White Spots on Smartphone Screens Dangerous? The answer is maybe because as time goes the white dots may disappear or it may appear more and the size of the spots may increase it depends on how the problem has been caused. The causes may be due to pressure on the screen or may be due to dust it varies. So just follow the steps because it will be good for your mobile and will not harm your mobile.

Causes Of White Dots On Screen

What causes white spots on smartphone screen? There are some possible reasons.

  • Pressure Damage: This can be one of the major reason for the white dots to appear on screen.
  • Software Damage: Now it is not that much always this is the major reason but yes due to this also it can appear.
  • Dust & Debris: Now if you travel and also work on mobile phone so much that It may cause the issue.

How To Avoid White Dots On Smartphones

  • Avoid dropping your phone as it can cause pressure and can disturb the internal circuits of the mobile.
  • Avoid using mobile with soft hand and not using lots of pressure to press the screen.
  • Also give a note to shop repairer not to over right the screw while replacing screen.
  • Also don’t bump it somewhere as it can also be the reason.

FAQ You May Ask Us

Can white spots on mobile screens spread?

White spots do not spread on screen but sometimes it can be as it varies according to the condition it got that issue as by pressure it can be fix but by dust it can be spread more and more.

Can a factory reset fix white spots on the screen?

No, if the issue is with the screen replacement then it won’t do any changes to the spot. So for a fix you have to just go to nearby service station to resolve your issue.

How can I prevent white spots from appearing on my phone screen?

Prevent white spots just by avoid bumping and also dropping the smartphone and taking care not to apply pressure to the screen.

Are white spots covered under phone warranty?

If you have the warranty just ran into nearby service station as some manufacturers has policy to fix the issue like this.

Are white spots on phone screens a sign of a serious problem?

Not that much as it can be fixed by removing the screen and reattaching it by cleaning the dust and also loosing the tighten screws.


So we talked about the issue in dept and also I considered how to avoid and how to fix the issue information.

Noe it’s your turn to fix the issue by a process or by your own.

Let us know you liked our fix and let me know if the problem arises again or not.

Comment me which method your will of this guide on How To Fix White Spots on Mobile Screen.

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