[200MB] God of War 2 Apk Download For Android PPSSPP, AetherSX2 (Highly Compressed)

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Today all about God of War 2 Apk Download For Android For PPSSPP, AetherSX2, DamonPS2, and Highly Compressed ISO file with bios file to download all are discussed here.

download God of war 2 on android
download God of war 2 on android

One of the best game series of PlayStation games is the God Of War series. This series contains 16 games till now among them God Of War 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are the most successful famous games of the series. The latest game Of this series is God Of War Ragnarök which was released for Play Station 5 in the year 2022.

Today we are going to give you God of War 2 which is the second game of this series.

Also, we gave you a step-by-step guide for God of War 2 Apk Download so that without wasting time

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Let’s get into the article.

God of War 2 Apk Download For Android

God of war 2 Apk Download For Android
God of War 2 ApkDetails
Game TitleGod Of War II
Game Size1.03 GB
Compressed Size200 MB
Works OnDamon PS2 / Aether SX2 / PSX2 Emulator

God of War 2 is an action-fighting adventure game developed by Santa Monica Studio with Sony Interactive Entertainment (publisher).

god of war 2 Android download
God of war 2 ppsspp download

This game is for PS2 consoles and can also be played by PS2 emulators on Android / IOS devices.

There are many PS2 emulators available to download from the Google Play Store some of them are Damon PS2, Aether SX2, and PSX2 emulators.

This emulator works very well with devices having good specifications as the PS2 games are heavy games to run and hence we need good smartphones to run these games like God Of War 2.

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God of War 2 PPSSPP Download

God of war 2 ppsspp download
God of war 2 ppsspp download

God Of War 2 games are loved by many gamers and many of them play this game on there play station mobile gamers are also crazy about this game but this game is not supported for Android / IOS but an application called PPSSPP allows us to play PSP games on android using this application we can play games which have an extension of (ISO, CSO and many more).

This game is for PS2 consoles and unfortunately, PPSSPP emulators don’t support PS2 games.

But there are many alternative methods to play PS2 games on Androids like using the Damon PS2 emulator, Aether SX2 emulator, and many more. By using this emulator we can play these games on Android.

Emulator NamePPSSPP
PPSSPP Emulator Size15 MB
PPSSPP Emulator SupportsISO / CSO
Play StoreLink

God Of War 2 Aether SX2

God Of War 2 for Aether SX2 emulator is a newly launched PS2 console emulator for Android / IOS devices.

God of war 2 aether SX2
God of war 2 aether SX2

This emulator works well and its user reviews are also good it’s the best alternative for the DamonPS2 emulator and if you are searching for a stable console APK for your device this one is for you try this emulator and you will fall in love with it.

This one supports a good level of FPS according to your phone’s specifications.

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This emulator handles the big game God Of War 2 easily and we can play this game in Aether SX2 smoothly without any lag.

God Of War 2 BIOS file is required before opening the game which we have given in this article further.

Also if you want the best settings for AetherSX2 you can Our article.

God Of War 2 Damon PS2

Another best emulator for PS2 games and this emulator is laughed at for Android / IOS users there are two variants Of this emulator one is paid and another one is free.

In the free one, we have to see some ads to play our games which makes sometimes it awkward.

But to fix this problem the developers gave us a second variant which is a paid one in which we don’t see any ads and we can play unlimited times without ads.

If you want to play PS2 games and want to take full enjoyment buy one time this emulator and enjoy the best PS2 games on your Android devices.

God Of War 2 game also works well like Aether SX2 in Damon PS2 emulator.

After doing some good settings in this emulator we get the best gaming experience to play all games.

If you want the best settings for the DamonPS2 emulator read our article on this.

Emulator TitleDamonPS2
Damon PS2 Size16 MB
Damon PS2 SupportsISO
Works ForPS2 Games
Play StoreLink

God Of War 2 Apk OBB Download

God Of War 2 is a PS2 console game and works on PS2 consoles only but with the help of PS2 emulators, we can play this game on Android / IOS devices also.

But as we say this game is only for PS2 consoles so we can’t get this game God Of War 2 APK OBB as we will play this game in PS2 emulators so we will need ps2 (ISO) extension file and there is no APK or OBB in which we can see God Of War 2 game in which we can play it. So we have to play this game using emulators only.

God Of War 2 System Requirements

God Of War 2 is a big game and many devices support this game and run this game very well without any lag and any problems but there are some mobile phones in which the game lags or the game doesn’t work well so that’s why we are giving you system requirements before giving you the installation process.

So check whether these system requirements are there on your mobile phone or not and then proceed to the next steps.

Minimum RequirementsRecommended Requirements
Android / IOS operating systemAndroid / IOS operating system
4 GB free space6 GB free space
Adreno 630 or higher GPUAndreno 650 or higher GPU
Qualcomm Snapdragon 732 processorQualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor

God Of War 2 APK Download

God Of War can be played on Android / IOS devices but not by installing an APK and pasting OBB in Android > OBB but by using PS2 emulators which allows us to play PS2 games on Android. We need an ISO ps2 file by which we play these games. There is no God Of War 2 app to download and play on our Android. If you want to play this game follow our below guides by using PS2 emulators.

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How To Play God Of War 2 On Android

To play the God Of War 2 game on Android we need PS2 emulators and there are many ps2 emulators we have discussed above like Aether SX2, Damon PS2, and PSX2 emulators you can choose any one of them to play this game all the steps will be same for all:

  1. Download any one of the emulators on your device and install it.
  2. Now download the ISO file which we have given to you all below or click here to download it.
  3. Use the Zarchiver app to extract the file and note that there is no password for this file so you can easily extract it.
  4. After extracting the file open any one of the Apk of the emulator and add the bios file that we have given you below or click here to download it.
  5. After downloading the bios file you will have to extract the bios file also and you will see there are three files after extracting.
  6. We will need the bin extension file to select in the emulator.
  7. Open the emulator select bios and then select your game and open it by locating it where you have extracted the game.
  8. Let the game be open.
  9. After opening the game you will see that the game works 100% and if you are facing any lag issues see our Best Settings for PS2 emulators article.
  10. Now you can enjoy the God Of War 2 game on Android.

BIOS File For God Of War 2

if you need a BIOS file before starting the game in your PS2 emulator you can download it by just clicking it here. After downloading it follow the above guide to play the game without any problem.

God Of War 2 Highly Compressed


God Of War 2 game is a large size game and can be played on all Android / IOS. But before all this the main thing is to download the game as the game size is more than 6.5 GB it is difficult for some users so that’s why we have given you all God Of War 2 highly compressed files for the game of size only 200 MB. After downloading this follow our guide to play the game.

God Of War 2 Download For Android

Now finally we have discussed all the information related to God Of War 2 now all file you can download from here.

God Of War 2Click Here

FAQ Related To God Of War 2

Can God of War 2 be played on Android?

Yes, we can play God Of War 2 on Android using PS2 emulators like Aether SX2 and Damon PS2

Is God of War for Android?

The official game Is launched For PS2 consoles but we can play this game on Android by PS2 emulators.

How many MB is God of War 2?

The total size of the game is 6.5 GB and after compressing it we have given you this game in 200 MB.

How To Download God of War Ppsspp?

There is no way to play this game in the PPSSPP emulator as this game is for PS2 emulators and the PPSSPP emulator doesn’t support PS2 games.


So finally we have got our all questions answered related to God of War 2 Apk Download For Android For PPSSPP, AetherSX2, DamonPS2, and Highly Compressed ISO file with bios file download and many more.

If you have liked our article also read more articles on this website and also share this post with your friends as much as you can.

Let us know how is the game working on your device and if you have any issues let us know in the comments.

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