God of War Ragnarok Mobile Apk OBB Download For Android, PPSSPP

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In his article, I will show you step by step process for God of War Ragnarok APK OBB download for android, IOS, and PPSSPP.

Not only this I have tested this game in fact in all smartphones and guess what it worked better than expected.

GOW 5 Android Mobile Download

If you also want to play read this full article.

Now let’s dive right into the article.

God of War Ragnarok Mobile

God Of War Ragnarok recently launched for all game-playing platforms including PlayStation 5, Xbox, and many more on 9th October 2022. The reviews ratings are fantastic as we expected from the 5th part.

GOW 5 Mobile

According to the reviews given by IGN, it is a fantastic game that is perfectly designed for gamers also called a masterpiece almighty achievement.

YouTube video

Now according to the reviewers of IGN, the total time needed to finish the game is 45+ Hrs for everything. If you just talk about the storyline then 23 hours but if you talk about the story + sides then 32 hours.

The most loved part of the game is the character visuals, voice acting, and combat which are perfect as fans expected they got more than that.

Now we just talk about the reviews, a summary of the information we got into IGN GOW 5’s page. Now we will talk about God Of War Ragnarok android so if you want to know more read the below information also.


GOW 5 gameplay experience is at the top, makers work hard to make it a perfect 10/10 rated game.

YouTube video

Not only this the action graphics are also 10/10 if you will play it you will love it definitely. For more proof see the below images which show you GOW 5 gameplay & graphics.

Gof Of War Ragnarok Gameplay

God Of War Ragnarok Android Download To Play!

All are wait come to an end as the game finally arrived. Now it supports game-playing platforms like PS5 and Xbox but what about Android mobile? Will it be supported? Let’s answer it.

First of all the concept of playing God Of War Ragnarok on android is quite interesting. Many mobile gamers are willing to play God Of War on their IOS or android but they want.

Either, I just want to say the game is officially not released yet for android devices but is there any way to play it unofficially? So I will tell yes there is one method call as cloud gaming.

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IOS Download To Play Without Any Issue

When it comes to high graphics games high-end good gaming processor smartphones come to everyone’s mind and the best processor is having only an IOS iPhone device.

So to play this game many IOS users are also waiting but there are aspects that we should discuss here.

First of all the official game is not yet released for any of the mobile operating systems. So it will be a huge drawback to getting the game in our iOS.

But as we said in the God of War 5 android paragraph we can play this game using cloud appliances like chikki emulator and many more.

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Apk OBB Without Verification

After two explanation on playing this game, I like to tell you that there are many fake God Of War Ragnarok Apk OBB available in the market that claims that there are without verification but they aren’t.

So we would like to tell you that don’t download that fake APKs or OBBs as they can contain harmful viruses which can make your phone dead.

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Coming for PC?

Yes, the game pc version is in built for pc gamers and also the game developers want to expand the number of gamers for this game hence they will come with a pc version.

According to some sources, the game can be release in 2023. So just be Patience and have a official game don’t try any tricks or any other method to play.


PPSSPP Emulator is an emulator which supports PSP games which has ISO extension and the game which we are talking about does not come in the ISO (PPSSPP) format hence it will be difficult for anyone to play the game without any issue in the PPSSPP.

I think the game will come for the Nintendo Switch emulator but not for this emulator hence it is the answer to your question that will it work in PPSSPP? Is a big NO. But wait for the Nintendo Switch launch as after the Nintendo Switch launch you will be available to play the game by using Skyline and egg NS emulator.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is an emulator console developed and marketed by Nintendo. It supports most of the game and the game for it is Mario.

Talking about this game the game not even a single game of this series supports this console. So talking about this game I think it will also not support this console.

So if you have a doubt that I can play this on a Nintendo switch then let me clear if the publishers decide to launch its switch version then it can be playable but we are 99% sure that they will not release its switch version.

Hence I can say that the God Of War game will not support the Egg ns emulator and also the skyline emulator. But don’t be sad as now we are going to give you a tutorial.

Cloud Gaming

GOW 5 Cloud Gaming

One of the best things about cloud gaming is we can play any game on our mobile phones, pc and tablets without installing the game on our devices just like ott services the movie gets streamed into our device but it actually plays in the servers.

I think you got it! Now there are several platforms providing this service at low cost and some are giving it for free just have to watch ads and earn some points for it.

Chikki emulator

GOW 5 Chikki Emulator

This is one of the best cloud gaming applications for mobile. Comes with the best services yes it has paid service which gives you a playing experience at some cost. At the first time, you can play it for free for some time (free trial)

Try it and also check the costs from here.

Game CC

My favorite cloud gaming application is here. Why? Because it provides us with free services just we have to see 30-second ads to earn some coins if you want to skip you can buy its plans too.

download the application from here.

Also, you should know how to use this application so here is a guide for you.

How To Use Cloud Gaming App To Play

  1. Download any application you like from the above two applications
  2. Now open it and sign up using your google account.
  3. Now go to the subscription/plans option and see if there are some ads and collect/redeem some coins to play the game.
  4. Now locate/search for your game.
  5. Now click on the game image and tp on play the game you will have to spend some coins to let the game start.
  6. Wait for your game to start as it will show you some queue before starts.
  7. Now your game will start after 10 minutes of waiting now enjoy your gameplay.
  8. You can buy/switch a premium account to play the game without any waiting.

For more information read this post about how to play pc games on mobile.

FAQ You May Ask

Is God of War Ragnarok available for Ppsspp?

No, it is not available for Ppsspp but if you want to play another game like chains of Olympus then you can play it in PPSSPP.

How Much Space Required For GOW 5?

The approximate size needed is 45 GB + if you want to play the full game.

Is God of War Ragnarok Kratos the last game?

Seeing the popularity of this game creator can expand the GOD Of War universe to a large scale so it may be or maybe not.

How to play God of War 5 in Mobile?

By using the cloud applications or Ppsspp emulator we can play this game in mobile.

Is God of War Ragnarok available on Android?

God of War Ragnarok is not currently available on Android. It is set to be released for the PlayStation 5 and will release for android soon.

Can I download God of War Ragnarok for Android for free?

No, God of War Ragnarok is not currently available for free on any platform.

Can I play God of War Ragnarok on my Android tablet or phone?

No, God of War Ragnarok is not currently available on Android devices such as phones or tablets. It is only available on the PlayStation 5.

Wrap-Up for today

So finally we are here at the end and we know about God of War Ragnarok APK OBB download for android, IOS, and PPSSPP.

If you have any doubt comment us about it.

Also, what is the name of the character in the game let us know in the comment section below.

See you in my next tutorial post.

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