GTA 5 Download For Android / IOS Mobile 2022

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Today in this post I will show you about GTA 5 Download For Android / IOS Mobile 2022, Apk OBB, no without verification, all are discussed here.

I am just searching on internet that how we can play GTA 5 on mobile but damn I just got some time waste fake apk’s.

But after lots of efforts I just got 2 tricks by which we can play this game.

Do you want to know what are the best methods to play? Then read the full article.

Also I just want to make sure to you that I just tried this method in all smartphones and guess what I got it. It works in almost all smartphones.

Now let’s take explore Micheal City and start the tutorial.

GTA 5 Download For Android Mobile

GTA 5 Download for Android mobile
Image Credit: Rehanous / Rockstar Games

GTA V is one of the most loved game in the gaming universe. The game is loved by all it can be a kid or it can be a old man because it gives us the real action experience.

The game is released for PC and PS4 consoles in the year 2013. It is called as a masterpiece due to its all-in-one features.

It’s developers are Rockstar Games which is one of the best gaming companies.

Now talking about game handling it is also good there are no bugs we can see in the game.

In childhood I have played lots of games and in that criminal gangster games are on the top and the games I played are GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City but guys have you ever played GTA V a game with good graphics and have lots of enhancement.

But downloading the game is very hard on PC or any consoles as the GTA V game requirements are more than expected and some PC don’t even get free space to get the game.

GTA 5 Download for Android
Image Credit: Rehanous / Rockstar Games

The game size is also a lot that is 67 GB so it will be a difficult task for us so that is why many PC gamers haven’t played GTA 5 yet on their PC.

But have you ever thought of playing this game on Android is there any solution for this query? So the answer is Yes. But how we will play it guys so let’s discuss it.

This game is not yet released for our Android mobile officially but a mobile version is recently made as a fan-made game for Android by game developers.

This game looks like GTA 5 really and if you want a feel of playing GTA 5 on Android mobile then this game is for you.

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GTA 5 Mobile Information

As we all know that GTA V was launched for Xbox and PC gaming platforms and to get the best gameplay experience we need one of them but this game-playing device everyone doesn’t have but everyone has a mobile to play a game.

GTA 5 Download for Android mobile
Image Credit: Rockstar Games

This game which we will give you today is a fan-made game developed by Game On Budget studios.

The game runs well on devices with 6 GB + ram we will discuss all requirements in this article’s upcoming points.


So now as we have said that the game is having good graphics but if you want to see it visually you can refer to this video.

YouTube video


GTA 5 fan-made game is good to play and contains good features taking about its gameplay experience it is also nice.

The game can be run on Android devices only and will be also released for IOS devices.

The game is a mobile version recently released. So now let’s talk about game size and game information.

GTA 5 Download for Android mobile
Image Credit: Rockstar Games
Game NameGTA V Fanmade
DevelopersAxis Motion Studios
Game Size500 MB
Supports ForAndroid


This fan-made is a good game to play and as it is a good game its requirements will also be good.

So but what are the requirements to play this game which devices it supports all will be discussed here guys so let’s see the requirements with the help of a table to understand better.

RAM Required6 GB +
Free space required1020 MB
Internet RequiredNo

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How To Download GTA V On Android

As we have discussed that today we will play GTA V using a fan-made game and this fan-made game is easy to play it doesn’t need internet offline and has no problem.

GTA 5 Download for Android mobile
Image Credit: Rockstar Games
  1. Download the app from the link given below.
  2. After downloading the app install it.
  3. if its asking unknown source error while installing give its permission to install from unknown source.
  4. Now after installing open it.
  5. Now go to setting before playing and note if you have low end device reduce the graphics level and now play the game.
  6. The game will run smoothly without any problem in your Android device.
  7. Enjoy the game now.

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GTA V Android Download

To download the game we will need a game link so now let’s download the game from the link given below.

After downloading follow the steps which we have given above in the installing guide and then play the game. To Download the game Click here.

Now I think your download is completed if you have any doubt related to downloading ask us in the comment section.

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Chikki EmulatorApk

FAQ You May Ask

How To Download GTA V On Android

1. Download Apk from the link given below.
2. Install It
Play The Game

GTA V Android Requirements

RAM: 6 GB +
Free Space: 1020 MB
No Internet Required

Can GTA 5 be played on Android?

Yes we can play GTA v On Android using two methods
1. Cloud Gaming
2. Fan-Made Game

Is GTA V Mobile Real?

No, it is not officially released by Rockstar Games but a fan-made game.

How Many MB GTA V Android Is?

The game requires 500 MB of free space to play on android.


So guys today we have finished GTA 5 Download For android mobile and I hope you got it and guys how you like the game let us know in the comments.

This game today which we have given is really nice game and hence suggest you to play this game on your android device.

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