Best Homescapes Cheats To Apply In The Game

Do you play homescapes game and want some tricks, homescapes cheats to apply in the game also you want unlimited coins, infinite lives, and many more if yes be in this article.

Homescapes cheats

Today i am going to show you Homescapes Cheats guide which will definitely help you in the game.


Because you will get today some tips, tricks to apply in the game also infinite lives to play in the game.

Are you ready to know the cheats and also to apply them in the game? If yes Let’s go.

Cheats To Apply In The Game

Don't skip any part in this article and also apply all the cheats which We have given you.

Infinite Lives

Game contains lives like Candy Crush game. But now there will be infinite lives now how? See the tutorial and follow it and yes you will be shocked seeing it.

1.Open your game once

2. Now and after using all lives you have to close your game fully (clear recent tabs)

hoemscapes game settings
hoemscapes game settings

3. Now you have to turn off your wifi and turn on your aeroplane mode to get disconnect from game servers and make the game feels there is no trick applied to the game.

hoemscapes settings
hoemscapes settings

4. Go to your mobile settings.

5. Now go to additional settings > Date and time.

6. Open Date And Time

hoemscapes game
hoemscapes game

7. Now change the date and time to another date example make post date by 1 day Or 1 month.

8. Now open the game and boom! You will See that your lives are full.

9. Enjoy (Happy Smiling Emotion).

10. Make the date now to its original date.

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Find Game ID Cheat

Hey fo you know if you lose your game data or anything in the game you can take it back to the normal.


Just by a game ID yes it’s a unique ID given to game users. By this they can experience more game features. Now I ask you.

Do you want to find Game ID in the game? If yes read the below guide carefully.

1.Open the game.

2. Now tap on the game settings icon.

homescapes game ID settings

3. Open settings and here you go you can see the bottom code there yes that is your game ID code.

homescapes game id

4. Now use it where ever need.

Now our cheats are over for today but do you want trick to apply in the game which will improve your game skills if yes here it is.

Free Coins By Social Media

Hey, do you want free 1000 coins in your game if yes this is guide?

  1. Just open the game.
  2. Sign in using Facebook
  3. Now you will see that you you got 1000 coins in the game.
  4. How?
  5. Because this game gives 1000 coins to its users who sign in Facebook with the game.

Tips & Tricks

Below are the best game tips and tricks to use in the this game while playing. Follow them to get the best experience in the game and also improve your gameplay.

Return Every Day To Getting Daily Reward

By going and opening the game daily will give you some in game reward which will also increase your game love. That’s why at least once open the game in a day.

Track Your Levels

Tracking your game levels will help you to know when you should push up and play the game most and when in minimum amount.

Also, Make Combos

Making new technique and using 2 techniques in one will help you to explore new game styles.

FAQ Related To Game Cheats

What are the best homescapes cheats?

There are many cheats to apply in this game like changing day and making the lives to infinite.

What are the best tips for Homescapes?

You can try as many tips like making combos of techniques and also tracking levels to help in gameplay.

Why We Should Try Cheats In Homescapes?

As it increases the gaming experience and also lets us feel good more in the game.

Homescapes Cheats 2022

So finally we discussed all about Homescapes cheats with also tips and tricks.

If you have any question Let’s us know in comments.

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