RumbleVerse Guide: How To Heal, Play Duos, Get Perks, Cosmetics

This is a complete guide related to all Rumbleverse problems.

In this new guide you’ll learn:

  • How to heal with/without items in RumbleVerse
  • How to play duos mode in RumbleVerse
  • How to meditate In RumbleVerse
  • How to get Cosmetics in RumbleVerse

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rumbleverse guide

How to Heal in RumbleVerse?

After the blast of battle royal games in the gaming industry, it’s time to bring a new game for you all.


RumbleVerse is a game that is published by Epic games which is gaining huge popularity day by day.

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It has a healing feature in the game in which if you want to gain health then you will require to heal it.

You can heal the character with/without items it’s our choice and also depends on the condition you are in.

The below guide shows you both information on how to heal with or without items.

Heal using items in Rumbeverse

how to heal in RumbleVerse

Chicken: It restores health in the game. It’s a healing supply that increases our health by 300 HP. It can be used once only.

Big Chicken: It is also the same as the Chicken it is used to restore our health by 300 HP. Also, you can check how many uses are available to use by the green bar available to us while playing.

Core Powder: It’s a big shark in the terms of health restoration as it restores our health by 10% which is very good while having low health.

  • Arms Powder (Red): +10% Attack
  • DamageLegs Powder (Yellow): +10 Max
  • StaminaCore Powder (Green): +100 Max Health

Each time you use Core powder each time your stat pods will increase by 1 and you will have a total of 10 pods in the stats bar.

If you want to use items you should tap on items and if you want to consume the square button you should tap (for PlayStation users) and the X button (Xbox users)

Heal without Items in RumbleVerse

Healing in the game restores our health but using items all the time will not do as every time you don’t have items like chicken, big chicken, and the core powder then it is necessary to find a method that helps us to gain health without item.

So if you want to heal in RumbleVerse without any items then you should make use of meditating as a healing supply.

Meditating to Heal: If you don’t have any items which can heal your health then no problem Why? because you have to meditate feature in the game which restores our health automatically by 25 points per second.

Players need to stand still while meditating. The more you stand still more you will restore your health.

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How To Unlock Meditate Perks to Unlock Meditate In RumbleVerse?

Characters need to be in a still position while meditating also unlocking the meditative perks is a must.

To unlock a perk you should fight with other player make them damage so that your character gain some XP and fill out the perk meter to get one meditating perk out of 15.

You get 1 point for one damage and 200 points for eliminating one player.

How to play duos mode in RumbleVerse

Rumbleverse is a Battle Royal game and many of you have noticed that battle Royal games with friends is much more enjoyable than playing the game in solo mode.

Since RumbleVerse is an battle royal game you should try its duo’s mode too.

how to play duos mode in RumbleVerse

What Is Duos Mode?

Before some updates were released, RumbleVerse fans were limited to solo play mode, but after some updates, Epic Games introduced a duo mode.

Duos mode is like a multiplayer in which you can play the game with your friends.

As far as enjoyment is concerned, there is no difference between solo and duo performances. In duo mode, you will receive the same experience as in solo mode

How to add friends in RumbleVerse?

  1. It is recommended that you first ensure that Crossplay has been enabled from your menu (In most cases, it should be enabled by default, but it is advisable to double-check)
  2. Secondly, switch from Solo Battle Royale to Duo Battle Royale from the Game mode.
  3. Now go to online settings and select friends from the top right corner.
  4. Select your friends or invite them.
  5. After finishing you will get it which means you will add your friend in the lobby and now it’s time to play duos.

There you have it. That is all you need to know about playing Duos Mode in Rumbleverse. Please let us know if I have skipped or forgotten to provide any steps.

How do I invite friends for crossplay via Epic Games in RumbleVerse?

The below guide shows you How to invite friends for crossplay via Epic Games in RumbleVerse.

  1. You need to go to Epic Games’ official site
  2. There just sign in by your epic Games account if you don’t have to make one account
  3. Now click on display > Accounts > “Connections,” > “Accounts”
  4. Now you can connect your account from here.
  5. Simply tap on the link account
  6. Now login in by adding your details and now you will see that the account is successfully connected
Note: You should add your friend via epic Games launcher so that you can get access to play with him.

How to add friends in Epic Games?

The below guide shows you How to add friends in epic games.

  1. First, open this link
  2. Download the epic Games launcher on your PC
  3. Now open it
  4. Now go to the friend’s section
  5. You will need to enter the Epic display name or e-mail address of your friend
  6. It can happen in the case your friend’s details don’t match so just refresh the page and add again
  7. Tap on the send button
  8. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each extra friend you want to add
  9. Play the game on the console or platform of your choice
  10. Play a match in “Duos mode”
  11. Friends can join you by clicking on your display name

This concludes our discussion of how to add & invite friends for crossplay via Epic Games in Rumbleverse.

How To Get Cosmetics In RumbleVerse

how to get cosmetics in RumbleVerse

The second step of the journey is to enter the battle. It is important to concentrate on creating your Rumbler and selecting cosmetics as the first two steps in the process.

In case you have any questions regarding cosmetics in RumbleVerse, I am here to help you. I will also provide you with information about how to purchase cosmetics in RumbleVerse. So now let’s dive right into it.

Three methods to get Cosmetics

Rank boosting method: The objective of this method is to play the game as much as possible so that you are able to improve our skills and abilities so that you can get cosmetics.

BattlePass: The game also offers another paid way to obtain cosmetics, which is by purchasing the founder’s pack or starter pack.

Brawlla Bills: You can purchase Brawlla Bills to obtain cosmetics at the following prices.

Brawlla Bills QuantityPrice

Now that’s it. We have finally wrapped up the guide about how to get cosmetics in Rumbleverse. Now it’s your time to try this guide in the game.

FAQ You May Ask

Does Rumbleverse have duos?

Yes, RumbleVerse has duos mode in which you can play this game with friends.

How do you invite friends on Rumbleverse?

It is possible to invite friends by clicking the + icon in the right corner, or by going to the online settings and selecting friends from the list.

Is there any method to get cosmetics?

In fact, there are three methods to obtain cosmetics. You can either rank our skills and receive cosmetics as rewards, or we can purchase packs such as the founder’s pack or starter pack. This brings us to the third and final method, which is the purchase of brawlla bills.


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