How To Play Japanese Games On Android/IOS

Today in this post I will show you How To Play Japanese Games On Android or IOS.

In fact this games are having lots of fun that I almost forgotten our normal games.

If you are playing our normal games from while and want something change then here is for you the best Japanese Games for your android ios devices.

According to 42Matters, Out of the 436,423 games available on Google Play, 12,681 were built in Japan and I think we should not miss them.

So let’s dive right into it.

How To Play Japanese Games On Android IOS

How To Play Japanese Games On Android

Japanese Games are loved by all and if you want to play them in your android then you will need to download them from Google Play but there is a issue.

Google Play is having a limits over region, you can’t play games which are just available in particular country. So what is the solution? there are many ways to play and here are some for your query on How To Play Japanese Games On Android.

How To Play Another Region Games With VPN

VPN is one of the best and working method by which you can use another region games on your mobile.

In fact by this method you can directly download your favourite app or game from Play Store or app store.

Many users do this trick to play the beta testing app available only for some region before the official release.

  1. Download any VPN from Playstore or App store I will suggest you to go with Turbo VPN available for both Android and iOS.
  2. Now after installing just open the VPN and Change the server location to Japan (Tokyo) or any another location in Japan.
  3. Now heads up to Play Store app setting and just Force Stop>>Clear All Data that’s it.
  4. Its time to check in your favourite Japan game.
  5. Now go to Chrome search your favourite game like this (Your Games Name) + Play Store
  6. Now you have tap on Play Store official site link and go to your favourite game which will open directly in Playstore.

This are some alternative VPN you can try:

  1. Nord VPN
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. Thunder VPN
  4. Secure VPN

There is an easy way also for you.

Download Japan Games By Apk

I like this way so much because this way works on 3 steps search open download. How?

Lets dive right into it and explore the steps.

  1. Search in Chrome “Your JP games name+ Apkpure.
  2. Open the website and tap on download the apk.
  3. Now just wait for few seconds for loading and yes it’s done.

As I said in 3 steps.

How To Play Japanese Games On IOS

When it comes to IOS then only one store comes in our mind that is App Store. Playing Japanese games on IOS is quite simple if you follow this ways so here are the best methods you can follow.

There is no need of VPN in this process it’s directly installing.

For the iOS we need to make a new account to access the purchase option for the games.

How To Access JP On App Store?

Before process check whether you are signed out or not if not first sign out from app store.

Now just search you favourite game by searching directly by this formula (Game Name + App store on google).

Now open app store link and directly tap on purchase you will ask to sign in just tap on create a new id.

Now select your region as “Japan” and will ask for some more details like address and many more you can add this details in it.

  • Postal Code 100-8994
  • Prefecture Hokkaido
  • City Hoshi
  • Address 123 Nowhere Road
  • Phone 8994 55555555

Now just tap on next and boom! Your ID is created just enjoy your JP App Store on your iPhone.

Best Japanese Games For Android & iOS

This are my top list of Best Japanese Games For Android & iOS i tried every game and arranged them by their ranking yes they are my own choice it can varries by person by person.

Game NamePlay Store LinkApp Store Link
Final Fantasy Brave ExviusLinkLink
Fate/Grand OrderLinkLink
Monster StrikeLinkLink
Puzzle & DragonsLinkLink
Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaLinkLink
The World Ends with You: Solo RemixLinkLink
Kingdom Hearts UnionLinkLink
Granblue FantasyLinkLink
Langrisser MobileLinkLink
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand CrossLinkLink
Punishing: Gray RavenLinkLink
Dragalia LostLinkLink
The Alchemist CodeLink

Play Japanese Games Online

There are many ways to play Japanese games online here are some website where you can play any game online.

Website NameWebsite Link
Armor Games
Addicting Games
Cool Math Games

FAQ You May Ask Us

How to play Japanese games on Play Store?

Japanese only games can be played on your mobile by using VPN and connecting to Japan server. Now you can directly open play store and install you favourite game.

How to play Japanese only mobile games?

Japanese only mobile games can be played by VPN. You just need to switch to Japan server if you want to use Google Play and for app store just need to make new id by Japan locations.

Are Japanese games region locked?

Mostly Japanese games are locked for European and American countries console. You need particular region game file to play game easily.

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this guide showed you How To Play Japanese Games On Android or IOS.

Now I’d like to turn it over to you:

On what OS you are going play this games? Whether it is Google Play or App store.

Are you going to use VPN? Or maybe you’re going to use directly apk download method.

Or maybe you have a question about something you read.

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Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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