How To Play PS4 / PS5 Games On Android And 2024

How to play PS4 / PS5 games on Android / iOS in 2024, mobile, and PC all are discussed here.

The mobile gaming community has increased a lot in the past 2 years almost 80% of gaming users are now mobile gamers and many of them like to play games on Android.

PUBG game and Free Fire have contributed to this community a lot and have taken it to the next level.

But leaving games many mobile users want to play high graphics games like GTA V, Valorant, and many more on there smartphones mobile but there are some games which are not been officially released for Android / IOS so what we can do we can play these games using a method called cloud gaming.

How To Play PS4 Games On Android

Play PS4 Game On Android
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With a few simple steps, you can enjoy your favorite PS4 games on your Android device anytime and anywhere.

By using cloud gaming but wait a minute what is cloud gaming exactly? If you want to know heads up in the below headline.

What Is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming is a future technology that will change the upcoming gaming experience. We can play any game with this anywhere. By this, we can play any PS4 / PS5 game on our Android / IOS devices.

How Cloud Gaming Works?

Cloud Gaming works very well with devices that have good internet we don’t need good system requirements. It is like streaming a video on our device. The game is running on other PS5 and by streaming it it comes on our mobile and if we give control it will change in that PC / PS it is like the concept remote desktop.

Which Are The Best Cloud Gaming Services?

NVidia Geforce

Nvidia Genforce Now
Image Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia Geforce is a cloud gaming Website/app that allows us to play any game on our Android / IOS / PC. But it charged some money to us to give us the game to play. We can play with unlimited time there are no restrictions for it but the only thing we need is its subscription of 9.99$. NVidia Geforce Now contains lots of games to play and we can enjoy as many games as we want.

TitleNvidia Geforce
Playing ModePaid (9.99$)
Link For EmulatorNvidia

Chikki Emulator

Chikki Emulator is a cloud gaming emulator where we can also stream games and also can play game via cloud gaming. This emulator is having both methods to play paid and also by earning coins and playing. Chiki Emulator also contains famous games only which has good popularity like GTA V, WWE2K and many more.

TitleChikki Emulator
Playing ModeBoth ( Paid/ Referral)
Time15 Minute For Referral
For Paid: According To Paid Subscription

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass
Image Credit: Microsoft

This one emulator is by a trusted brand Microsoft as this emulator comes from Microsoft we don’t need to give it’s features because it is overall good emulator to play. To play game in this emulator we have to take a paid subscription monthly or annually by this we can play unlimited time. Microsoft X Cloud is available on some regions only as it is in beta stage and will be released globally soon in a stable version.

TitleMicrosoftX Cloud
Playing ModePaid
TimeUnlimited Time
WebsiteMicrosoft Cloud

Steam Link

PS Remote Play
Image Credit: Steam

It is an old cloud emulator by Play Station also called as PS Remote Play service this emulator have some draw backs like we need a PS4 / PS5 to play the games it only streams our PS5 / PS4 in our playing device. But this gaming emulator has improved a lot till now and improving day by day the games we can play are all of PS ( Play Station) so if you have PS5 or PS4 try this emulator.

TitleSteam Link
Playing ModeRequires PS

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How To Play PS5 Games On Any Smartphone

For all emulators the method will be same so to play PS5 games on Android follow our steps:

  1. Download the emulator app (Nvidia, Chikki, Microsoft Xbox, Steam) from the Link given above in the emulators description so now after downloading the app install it.
  2. Open The App
  3. It will ask you for sign up then use your google account or any email to sign up
  4. (Note in some emualtors we need VPN so make sure you are connected to VPN while opening the application now where we should connect our VPN connect it to USA server)
  5. No after signing up go to subscription section there in upside.
  6. Now but the subscription and locate the game which you want and enjoy the PC games on android.

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FAQ You May Ask Us

Can I play PS5 games on Android using cloud gaming?

Yes, you can play PS5 games on your Android device using cloud gaming services like chikki emulator, and game cc emulator.

What are the requirements to play PS5 games on Android?

To play PS5 games on your Android device, you will need a good internet connection with a speed of 5 Mbps minimum, and a compatible Android device running Android 7.0 or more. Also subscription of this cloud services.

Is there any extra cost for playing PS5 games on Android via cloud gaming?

Yes, you need a subscription to Chikki Emulator or Microsoft Xbox pass, which costs $9.99 per month in the US.

What are the best cloud services on Android?

There aare many emulators which gives you cliud services the best ones are chikki emulator, Microsoft Xbox pass and game cc emulator.


So we hope we have covered all points and you also liked our article you can also read our article on play PC games on android you will love it also.

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