Multiversus Guide: How To Unlock Characters In 2022

Are you playing Multiversus? and would like to have some guidance like how to unlock characters in Multiversus also it’s tier list and many more If yes then this is a definitive guide for you. Why?

Because in this article we have given a deep guide on the topic which you will require a lot like unlocking characters, tier list and etc.

So without wasting time. Let’s dive right into the article.

How To Unlock Characters In Multiversus

There are 19 character’s in Multiversus and we get 4 characters at the start. If you want to enjoy the full game you will definitely need all characters to unlock.

Characters In Multiversus

There are 5 best methods available right now and you can too try this all one by one.

‌‌Purchase characters With Gold

The first method of this article is quite easy and will not require any real money which means it’s a free method. We use gold on improving our abilities too. The only thing you will require to get more coins is to save them for abilities upgradation and also to buy a new character.

MultiVersus Gold Earned

Buying rate for characters is not constant which means the coin’s price will change character by character. The below table will show you the buying price.

How To Unlock Morty In MultiversusMorty3000
How To Unlock Arya In MultiversusArya Stark3000
How To Unlock Tom And Jerry In MultiversusTom and Jerry3000
How To Unlock Steven Universe In MultiversusSteven Universe3000
How To Unlock Iron Giant In MultiversusThe Iron Giant3000
How To Unlock Batman In MultiversusBatman2000
How To Unlock Superman In MultiversusSuperman2000
How To Unlock Bugs Bunny In MultiversusBugs Bunny2000
How To Unlock Finn In MultiversusFinn2000
How To Unlock Lebron In MultiversusLeBron James2000
How To Unlock ReinDog In MultiversusReindog2000
How To Unlock Velam In MultiversusVelma2000
How To Unlock Garnet In MultiversusGarnet1500
How To Unlock Harley In MultiversusHarley QuinnDefault
How To Unlock jake In MultiversusJakeDefault
How To Unlock Shaggy In MultiversusShaggyDefault
How To Unlock Taz In MultiversusTasmanian DevilDefault
How To Unlock Wonder Woman In MultiversusWonder WomanDefault
how to unlock Rick in multiversusRickComing Soon
how to unlock black adam in MultiversusBlack AdamComing Soon
how to unlock stripe in multiversusStripeComing Soon

How To Earn Gold In Multiversus?

  • Play and just play and collect gold as a reward
  • Play with other players also ( get 30% extra gold)
  • Level up yourself (will give you 100 gold once you complete the game up to level 5)
  • Battle Pass (ranking up will reward you with 500 golds)

If you want an instant method here is an expensive but instant method for you.

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Using Gleamium

Gleamium is a multiversus currency by using it you can purchase anything in the game with real money. This is quite an expensive method when we compare it to other below methods. As we know every character cost us almost 700 Gleamium and to buy Gleamium we need plans like there are three levels and individual packs for prices, see the below table for more information.

Gleamium PlansGleamium Price
Standard Edition$39.99
Deluxe Edition$59.99
Premium Edition$99.99
450 Gleamium$4.99
1,000 Gleamium$9.99
2,200 Gleamium$19.99
6,000 Gleamium$49.99

Our Opinion: Using Gleamium is good but not that much good you are expecting as it can be spent on buying battle passes and big prices. Spending on a character is quite a bad deal as it will give you a character but it will cost you a lot.

But if you want character without Gleamium you can try our below methods too. Now let’s explore the tokens method too.

‌Character Tokens / Ticket

To purchase a token or ticket you will need to purchase a founders pack which will be divided into 3 types standard / deluxe / premium. For more information related to its buying price see the above table.

Multiversus Founders Pack

Our Opinion: We should take care that we get the deal at an effective cost just I explained that spending a large amount of money on Characters will not be good.

Now one question will roam in your mind Which one I Should buy?

We will suggest you buy Standard Founder’s Pack as it will give you the entire roaster and also we know we get Wonder Woman For free in the game. We will see more prices too like Gleamium, and Battle pass included in this pack.

Level up Battle Pass and Player Rank

Leveling Up Battle pass will also make you unlock characters in Multiversus. This will help you a lot in in-game progress.

complete battle pass

Now one question should come in your mind how I can upgrade my battle pass?

  • Just play and play
  • Play with Friends
  • Complete tasks are given in the game
  • Make use of Rested XP
  • Complete challenges

This method will not only give your battle pass a boost but also will help to improve your player ranks and get some gold.

Generously Toasty

This isn’t a good method to follow but you can try this too.

After every match, we get a reward of 20 coins and get toasted by players but this decision will truly depend on your opponent that’s why we don’t recommend this method.

Toast is a little time technique that helps us easily get coins through playing the game consistently and also following all the guidance.

Which Characters Do You Start With?

The first and starting character we get is Wonder Woman just by completing the mission and tutorials. We highly recommend you unlock this character and then try to switch with another one. As unlock her will give you chance to play the game and collect coins.

Also after getting Wonder Woman, you should focus on getting Superman which will cost you 2000 coins but in my opinion, it’s a good deal after getting superman you will complete the game mission very easily and will also get more characters mission by mission.

How much does it cost to unlock each character?

As We explained above paragraphs that in the game we will see 3 types of methods to purchase things Gleamium, Gold, and characters token/tickets.

The below table shows you all in one requirement to get the character.

Arya Stark30007001
Tom and Jerry30007001
Steven Universe30007001
The Iron Giant30007001
Bugs Bunny20007001
LeBron James20007001
Harley QuinnDefault
Tasmanian DevilDefault
Wonder WomanDefault
RickComing Soon
Black AdamComing Soon
StripeComing Soon

FAQ You May Ask

Who Is The Best Character In MultiVersus?

Batman and Velma are the best characters in the Multiversus followed by superman and Shaggy who are having overall best abilities in the game. Batman is our favorite one.

How many characters are in MultiVersus?

There are a total of 19 characters available to play right now and will get more on the list soon in season 2.

How do you unlock Shaggy?

How To Unlock Shaggy In Multiversus

Our characters are unlocked by playing the game and collecting coins, but Shaggy is unlocked by completing the task and following all the steps correctly. We do not need to spend gold to unlock it.

How do you unlock Superman MultiVersus?Conclusion

You can unlock the character Superman by spending 2000 gold coins or you can purchase one of the founder’s packs which will provide you with Gleamium and a battle pass with one character token.


As much as we could, we have assisted you with the game, including unlocking all the characters in Multiversus, tier lists, and so on.

Now I want to turn it over to you: Which method you will try first?

Which method do you like the most let us know and if you want more guides then you must visit our Multiversus category.

If we missed something in the article let us know in the comments.

Share this method with your friends. Meet you in the next article. Thanks for reading.


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