75+ Working PGSharp Activation Key & License Key Generator For Android & IOS [2024]

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Today in this post I am going to give you 75+ Working PGSharp Activation Key & License Key Generator For Android & IOS iPhone [2024]

I tried these keys and guess what while writing this article all worked very well.

PGSharp Activation Key

Now if you are playing Pokemon Go for a long time and want to level up the gaming experience then you really need to spoof your location in Pokemon Go with the help of PGSharp.

This tool has both include paid as well as free features but the paid one has an extra list of features that you must need.

But it cost more than 5$ per month and as a student or a person, it is not possible to afford it from our pocket money or our daily earning money.

Hence I had given some keys to get pgsharp key for free.

Now it’s your time to apply the keys and spoof the location in the game.

Let’s dive right in.

What is PGSharp?

PGSharp is a tool used by Pokemon Go users to play the game with more features like spoofing their own location in the game.

This tool is particularly popular among gamers who want to catch rare Pokémon, and hatch eggs quickly without going out of there houses.

PGSharp also offers other features like auto-catch, auto-walk, and IV checking, which can help players level up their Pokémon and gain an advantage over their competitors.

PropertyAndroid APKiOS IPA
NamePGSharp APKPGSharp IPA
File Size68.6 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 and upiOS 12 or later
Ratings4.5 out of 5 stars

Top 5 Best Features of PGSharp

Many of us know PGSharp for spoofing the location but if I said that this tool supports more than 10+ features to use then will you be in shock? Yes, you heard it right this tool has more than 10+ usable tools.

features of pgsharp
features of pgsharp
  • Spoofing: PGSharp allows users to spoof their GPS location, which means they can move their in-game avatar to any location in the world.
  • Auto-walk: This feature allows users to automatically move their in-game avatar without moving around.
  • Auto-catch: Auto-catch is another feature that automatically catches nearby Pokémon without interacting.
  • IV checking: PGSharp offers an IV checker that allows users to quickly check the values of their Pokémon.
  • Joystick controls: Users can control their avatar with a joystick, making it easier to navigate around the game world.
  • Unlimited teleports: PGSharp allows users to teleport to any location in the world without any restrictions.
  • Customizable speed: Users can adjust the speed at which their avatar moves and also allow them to hatch eggs quickly or catch more Pokémon.
  • Enhanced throw: This feature allows users to throw Pokéballs more accurately, increasing the chance of catching rare Pokémon in one throw.
  • Multitasking: The second last feature allows users to play Pokémon Go and other apps simultaneously.
  • Safety features: The last feature which includes safety features like a cooldown timer to prevent users from getting banned and a warning system to alert users if they are using the app in-game.

PGsharp Key Generator

A PGSharp key generator is a tool used to generate a license key that unlocks the full functionality of PGSharp.

This tool is often used by players who want to access the paid version of PGSharp but do not want to pay for the official license.

The key generator works by generating a unique license key that can be used to activate the tool.

However, it is not fine to use it as the use of key generators is often illegal and can lead to serious consequences such as legal action, account suspension, or malware.

PGSharp Activation Keys & License Key Working List 2024

Here we go, the part of this article for which you are waiting for PGSharp activation keys & license key working list 2024.

This list is working 100% as we checked while updating this list.

Also, choose the version you want to use of PGSharp as it contains two versions free and paid for which you have to give 5$.

Below is the image comparison of the plan.

PGSharp plans

This is 100% free PGSharp Activation for you we going to give you the below and yes this is a 100% working PGSharp activation key list.

  • 932B9319-30ED-4E79-A3B3-8B6E4D6E4F4B
  • D8E6EC9B-27CC-4D71-A6EC-5AEEE2B11F6B
  • 53B6B8D9-9E3A-4F17-A4A8-7B4D4C4A7A1E
  • 7D9F7466-2C2D-4FE1-AB85-0CA84F49E2B2
  • 042D9CCD-94D7-478F-8CC0-3F66E3B3C0E3
  • F2F9D87C-DE02-495D-B620-734D7F1A33F3
  • 93C8B2D9-C59E-416C-A836-8B8B22C102DA
  • 48E30B87-C8F9-4B10-98B1-2661A68FCD0D
  • 4A6E2011-1598-4A22-9A14-6F2A310BE548
  • 5A5E5E5A-8B8B-4A9B-AB3A-3B1B1B1B1B8C
  • 9E0D46CC-AE75-4D53-B1A2-3E3DC3B2E8D8
  • 7D29EDC7-71E8-415D-8C7A-AC16C6172226
  • 4F4A4A4F-5E5B-4A2A-B5B5-5B5B5B5B5B5E
  • 6B2AAB8A-9B3A-4A3B-B5AA-8B8AAB2B2B2
  • 2A9A9E3B-3A3B-4A3B-B1A1-4A4A4A4A4A4B
  • 2B2B2A2B-5B5A-4A2A-B5B5-5A5A5A5A5A5A
  • 8B8B8B8B-3B3A-4B3B-B1A1-3B3B3B3B3B3B
  • B8B8B8B8-1A1A-4B2A-B5B5-4A4A4A4A4A9A
  • 4B4B4B4B-5B5A-4A2A-B5B5-5B5B5B5B5B9A
  • 9B9B9B9B-1A1A-4B2A-B5B5-4A4A4A4A4A4B
  • 7B7B7B7B-3B3A-4B3B-B1A1-3B3B3B3B3B3A
  • D7A73D07-8CC7-4D3E-A61A-0788D8A33B79
  • 9C68D2B2-56B7-4FAE-A4B7-11AFD02E80F4
  • 394B87FD-1D01-4E63-BCAA-875C746F69AA
  • 63E2E204-8247-4B05-8F53-725FED0E86ED
  • B8D50E17-2C9D-4C2D-8D8C-ABF70F78E7B4
  • 8F4EAE3B-4AB7-4A60-BB7F-3C3A64F25CB2
  • C7E60A9B-0327-443B-8A8E-2A784A0D344C
  • 8EF7A879-9E9A-4F8B-95DC-70EAA982CBAF
  • 39C0FE9E-FA67-4EAA-99FB-B2A04CDDDAE7

More list you can download from below.

Hey there! We just want to say that sharing activation keys obtained from unofficial sources is not a good idea, even if it's for educational purposes. It's important to always buy the keys from the official website instead of using them from other sources.

We understand that some people may not be able to afford the full price of the software, that is why we share these keys.

However, it's important to be fair to the creators of the software and respect their rights by buying licenses through proper source whenever possible.

So, let's always try to support developers and avoid using pirated software. Thanks for listening!

Download PGSharp For IOS iPhone / Android

If you want to Download PGSharp IOS iPhone or android then you can download it from the below link also we have shared some more keys in the text file.

Download Keys + Apk + IPALink

How To Activate & Use PGSharp Key?

After getting the key and downloading PGSharp it’s time for a guide on how to activate it and use it. So you just have to follow the steps and will get successfully activated.

  1. Enable installation of apps from unknown sources in your device settings.
  2. Download the APK file you want to install.
  3. Open the downloaded APK file.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the app.
  5. Once the installation is complete, you can open the app now.
  6. Now after opening the app go to Settings > Activate button.
  7. Now copy the key from the above codes and paste it there in the section.
  8. And boom! it is successfully activated.
  9. Enjoy your Pokemon Go game now with lots of new features.

FAQ You May Ask Us

What is the PGSharp key?

The PGSharp key is a license key that unlocks premium features in the PGSharp app. These features include joystick movement, auto-walking, and more.

How can I obtain a PGSharp key?

You can obtain a PGSharp key by purchasing it from the official PGSharp website. The website offers two plans according to your needs, from a single-day plan to a monthly plan.

Is it safe to use a PGSharp key?

PGSharp key is generally safe to use according to tenorshare, but you should always take caution when using third-party apps.

Can I share my PGSharp key with others?

No, sharing your PGSharp key with others is not allowed and can result in your key being revoked.


Finally, we are done with Working PGSharp Activation Key & License Key Generator For Android & IOS iPhone.

Let us how many keys you have tried and at what keys you get your goal successfully done.

Also, share this goal with your friends and comment us are you enjoying Pokemon Go now with more features.

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