How To Play PC Games On Android & iPhone Without PC (2024)

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Play PC Games On Android IPHONE

Today here I have shown you 4 working methods by which you will be able to play PC games on Android and ios also this method will not require any PC or internet.

Let’s get started.

How can I play PC games for free on Android Without a PC?

Before we get into this tutorial I want to give you a backstory.

In my childhood, I used to play lots of games on my PC. But after some time my PC got some internal damage.

Due to this internal problem, the PC started giving problems. After some time it stopped working.

So as I am playing lots of time I have a habit of playing a daily 3 hrs video Game. But as the PC stopped working the next day I wanted to play but I couldn’t.

Hence I searched a lot for fixes but haven’t got one.

Now it is the only way I can play PC Games is on Android Without a PC. The only mobile I have but at that time the emulators which we are going to discuss here are not released.

Hence I have to finally stop the habit of playing games.

But after 2 years I got to know about this method which I am going to show and guess what I can’t only play it but can play it in my 4 GB RAM smartphone too.

That Great! Do you want to know what are the methods? If yes then let’s dive into it.

Note: Below is the guide for Android and IOS after that we have given you the trick for MAC too.

Method 1. Use of RPCS3 emulator

RPCS3 Emulator
RPCS3 Emulator

Get a chance to play any game on mobile without the internet.

This application is new in the market and has lots of downloads.

Not only it has PlayStation games but also it has Nintendo switch, game cube, and WII games.

You don’t need a separate emulator to play a WII, game cube, and Nintendo games as it has in-built emulators for every platform.

Now I have talked about RPCS3 but How to install it? If it’s the question let’s answer it.

Download Link:


How To Install RPCS3?

  1. Just click here to download the app or go to the play store and search manually RPCS3 you will get it.
  2. Just install it
  3. Open it and go to the search icon and after you will get the platforms name example Nintendo 64
  4. Now just select the game you want And tap on the add button to start downloading after downloading you will get the game in the game section.
  5. Also, you can play your game just by going to the Select Location section And selecting the game folder where you have stored the game.
  6. Now just start playing the game

Method 2. You can try Egg NS Emulator

Egg NS Emulator
Egg NS Emulator

Now it’s time to play a High graphics game on your mobile.

This emulator supports Android & IOS and gives us almost all types of Nintendo switch games as we know most of the Nintendo Switch games are available on PC so that’s why we are giving this method also in this article.

Egg NS emulator supports big games like Pokemon Let Go Pikachu, One Piece, And many more.

We have a brief post on the Egg NS emulator app and many more.

Download Link:

Download Egg NS Apk

How to Install Egg NS emulator?

  1. Just go to this post of Egg NS emulator app and download the application from there.
  2. Install it
  3. Open the app
  4. Now you have to download the NSP file to download the game download that you can Google it.
  5. Now after downloading you have to set up the application by email And settings.
  6. Now after setting up you can locate the game And start playing

Note: You get 3 days of premium membership but after that, it is paid so you have to buy a premium membership.

Method 3. Try Aether SX2 Emulator

Aether SX2 Emulator
Aether SX2 Emulator

The emulator games craze is increasing day by day and talking about PS2 games they are also on the move.

There are many emulators to play PS2 games but the recent one Aether SX2 is on top of all of them.

Many people give this emulator 5 stars due to its support for almost all smartphones with 4 GB RAM at least.

If you have an iso file of PS2 games then you will be able to play it offline.

Also, it supports Your favorite games like God of War 2, God Hands, Resident Evil 4, WWE SmackDown Here Comes The Pain and many more.

Download Link:

Download Aether SX2

How To Install Aether SX2?

  1. Just you have to go to Playstore and search For AETHER SX2
  2. After going there you will be able to Install it
  3. Open the emulator
  4. Locate Your ISO file in the emulator and start playing the game

Note: For ISO, you should search on Google (Game Name + Iso For PS2 Download) or directly go to this website Emuparadise or Romsfun.

Method 4: The Second Last But Great PPSSPP Gold


You can play PSP games on mobile with the help of a PPSSPP emulator.

It supports PSP games and supports almost all smartphones with at least 2 GB RAM.

There are almost 500+ Games you can play.

Download Link:

Download PPSSPP

How To Install PPSSPP Emulator?

  1. PPSSPP emulator is also available on Playstore just download it and open it
  2. You must have The ISO of the game downloaded in Your Mobile
  3. Locate the ISO file and start to play your game
  4. Enjoy Your game now

Method 5: Better Last But Having A Blast Inside PS5OUS Emulator

Everyone wants to experience high graphics of old PC games on Android but having a problem playing as there is no method to play.

But, there is an emulator which supports WII games.

In this emulator, you can play any Wii game that you need also supports PS5 joysticks.

Download Link:

Download PS5OUS Emulator

How to use Dolbox Emulator?

  1. You can play the game just you need a WII-supported file that has an extension of NKIT or WBFS.
  2. Now its time to select a game location in the emulator and now all over yes it is very easy.
  3. Select the game icon and start to play.
  4. You can change the game settings according to your mobile specifications.

FAQ You may ask

Can I Play PC Games on Android/IOS?

Yes, you can with the help of some best emulators like Egg ns, skyline, and many more.

Which is the best app to play PC games on mobile?

There are many apps to play PC games but my favorite is the Egg NS emulator.

Is there any PC emulator for Android?

Try the Egg NS emulator you will get all High graphics Games to play on android.

Let’s Pack Up

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