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How To Play PC Games On Android Using Nvidia Geforce / Google Stadia

Hello Everyone How are you all, I hope you all are good guys if you are a true fan of PC Games and want to play PC Games on Android using Google stadia and Nvidia Geforce so you are at right place because today in this article we will discuss how to play PC Games on android using Nvidia Geforce Now or Google Stadia so if you are ready let’s start our article.

PC Games On Android: Many of you want to play PC games on android and there are many methods to play PC games on android and the most famous method is by playing cloud emulators app the game works well with this app.

Play PC Games On Android

GTA V On android using steam app is a very interesting concept in this we will see this game in our android device and guys as I said to play this game you will need some requirements to play this game. I will discuss about this requirement after some paragraphs in this post.

So now I want to say you by which method we will play PC games on android without PC. So first of all we we will play this game my Nvidia Geforce or by Google Stadia gamers can choose one of the option from the two emulators.Also guys if you want to read our article on Top 5 Games Like GTA V for android you can read it if you are a true open world games fan.

Nvidia Geforce PC Games

Guys as we know that there are many games of PS5 already launched for PC also so there are many games on Nvidia available to play now guys to play this games you will need Nvidia Geforce subscription you can play unlimited time by buying subscription and then you will enjoy this all games

Nvidia Geforce Image
Image Credit: NVidia Geforce

Play Games On Nvidia Geforce

  • Open any browser in your mobile
  • Now search for Nvidia Geforce website
  • Now sign up there
  • Now after signing up go to subscription section and then after clicking on buy subscription button you will be redirected to buying page of Nvidia Geforce.
  • After buying from there enjoy the Nvidia Geforce games in your android devices
  • Locate to any game and enjoy your favorite game.

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Google Stadia PC Games

Google stadia is also a another cloud gaming emulator made by Google. This emulator gives us to play many Games On our android phone and guys if you want to play PC games on your android phone this emulator is for you. As this is a official app by Google it is trusted by many gamers.

Google Stadia Image
Image Credit: Google Stadia

Play PC Games On Google Stadia

  • Download the Google Stadia App from play store
  • Open the app it will ask you for subscription then tap on it.
  • Buy the subscription and play you all favorite games.
  • Locate to the ganes which you want play.
  • You will feel very happy after playing this games.
  • Enjoy

Question You May Ask

How To Play PC Games On Android

To play PC games on android you will need a account of Nvidia Geforce or Google Stadia you can choose one of the emulators.

How much time I can play PC games on android?

Unlimited Time you can play of you buy the subscription

How much time it needs to play any PC Games on android?

Only 5 minutes are required to play games the 5 minutes are needed to set up the account and not for any queue.

Play PC Games On Android Without PC

Conclusion: Now talking about today’s article we have discussed about how to play PC games on android and I hope you understand our tutorial.

If you like our tutorial share this post without friends read our more post on Top 5 Shooting Games on android for Shooting Games fans.Thanks for reading our article guys.

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