Skyline Strato Emulator Apk Download For Android IOS (Latest Version)

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Today in this post I will give you Skyline Strato Emulator Apk Download For Android IOS Latest Version with its production keys.

Strato Emulator Apk

I have tested this Emulator on our device and guess what it worked very well and smoothly and really I was shocked for a while.

Now the best part today I will show you the all-in-one dept guide for Strato Emulator or for Strato Emulator Apk.

So let’s get started.

What is Strato Emulator?

Strato Emulator is a 4th Upgradation of the Skyline emulator which works very well same as the previous one. The NXteam developers are changed now but the game it supports are the same. Yes, you heard it right it supports our favorite Nintendo Switch games.

It supports NSP, and XCI file extensions now and will support more in the future according to makers.

Strato Emulator Apk Download

Are you eagerly want to play Nintendo Switch games on your mobile but didn’t have high specifications smartphone and the game requires more specifications than we expect?

But now the wait is over because the developers are working very hard to upgrade the Skyline emulator and make it a complete emulator for all games.

TitleStrato Emulator
Available OnGithub

Latest Version

There are so many emulators to play games on our mobile then why you should choose this? Because it is going to be the best of all time and will require no money as of now.

Also are you tired of using the old version with outdated features and need a new one latest version then you will get it here.


For a seamless gaming experience, make sure your smartphone meets these requirements:

  • RAM: 6GB+
  • Processor: Snapdragon 665+
  • OS: Android 10
  • Free Space: 340MB or more

Please note that iOS devices are not supported by the Strato Emulator.


Its time to play real games! Why I said like that? Because now we don’t need to play fan made or cloud gaming games to play high graphics games.

Now we are required only one app to play our favorite games.

Also the gameplay will make you feel a real experience.


Explore the following key features:

  1. Game Compatibility: Supports multiple Nintendo Switch game file formats.
  2. Intuitive Interface: User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  3. Customizable Graphics Settings: Allows you to optimize the graphics settings for better performance.
  4. Dock Mode: Enables a “dock” mode to enhance game performance.
  5. Easy Game Detection: Automatically detects and displays games stored on your device.
  6. Frequent Updates: Continuously improved with regular updates and bug fixes.
  7. Open-Source: Strato is an open-source emulator, allows for community contributions and enhancements.
  8. Discord Support: Active community and developer support are available through Discord.
  9. Android Compatibility: Designed specifically for ARMv8 Android devices.


Strato Emulator GitHub updates are coming everyday or every week and yes the developers are working very hard to make the project on going.

Also the developers want to make this emulator the best emulator and make it a complete one.

You can visit there GitHub page for more updates and install the APK.

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How To Play Games In Strato Emulator

Many of you will download the Strato Emulator apk from the below link but after downloading the game how you will play games in it? So below is our step by step guide.

Strato Emulator Apk Install
Install Steps inforgraphic
YouTube video
Video Guide

Download Apk

First you should download apk from the given below link and after that you should install Zarchiver from Play Store.

Install Strato Emulator Apk

Extract the zip file and you will see a apk in it.

Install Apk

Now it’s time to install that APK.

Download Strato Emulator Apk

Now install this apk and it’s done you are all in.

Download Games

If you want to play games you will need to download them for that you can just use this trick to download it.

Just search on internet “Your game name” + “NSP/XCI file download”

After that download that game from the best site you prefer.

You can try to download this games like Let’s Go Pikachu, Doraemon and many more from our articles.

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Download Strato Emulator 1.0.8 Apk

Keys Download Link: Here

Above is the link to download apk just click it and download the apk and then follow our installing guide and you will get it for what you have comed here.

FAQ You May Ask

Can you play Strato without controller?

Yes you can play by virtual controlers on the screen given you can play all the games.

What is the difference between Strato and Skyline?

Nothing difference just it is the the continuation of the Skyline project with a new name.


So finally we are here and discussed all the points related to Skyline Strato Emulator Apk Download For Android & IOS with its production keys.

Also let us know which game you are going to try first.

Waiting for your answer in comments.

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