Top 5 Games Like GTA 5 For Android / IOS 2024 You Must Try!

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Top 5 Games Like GTA 5 For Android, Many games got published on the play store. Many of them are action-adventure and also role-playing strategies, etc.

But ever you have searched about GTA 5 on the Play Store? I think the answer will be Big Yes as the most famous game of all time is loved by all gamers.

Android / IOS users also want this game to play on their smartphones.

But as this game is not officially released yet and many of you want to play this game on android.

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So that’s why guys today in this article we are going to discuss the top 5 best games Open world Games like GTA 5 for Android / IOS.

Top 5 Games Like GTA 5 For Android / IOS 2024 You Must Try!
Credit: Rockstar Games

Now talking about the games they are good in graphics but not similar to GTA 5 as you are expecting as guys our android device is not yet compatible to run those games.

But leaving graphics we will get a good user experience, good gameplay, user-friendly UI, and also in all these games, you will get weapons, an open-world city, missions, and many more.

Top 5 Games Like GTA 5 For Android / IOS

GTA 5 is a game launched by Rockstar Games in the year 2013. This game has made many records since its launch.

After it is globally and also officially released many copies are sold making it the most popular game of all time.

So now talking about GTA 5 for android is it possible? So the big answer is No we can’t play GTA 5 on Android as it is not yet officially released.

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But today the game which we will give you will make you feel like you are playing GTA 5. So now let’s know what is Open World games?

Open world games, the games in which we can play games openly there are no restrictions to go we can do anything in the world as because of this feature open-world category in the gaming industry is become famous.

Now talking about the games which we are going to discuss today will work on android and also on IOS devices.

So guys let’s start the count down.

1.Gangstar Vegas

Gangster Vegas is a game developed by Gameloft studios.

This game is released for Android / IOS in the year 2013.

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The game is an excellent action-packed game made for mobiles.

This game is having 100 million + downloads in Google Play Store.

This game is counted in the top open world games for android list.

Many gamers love to play these games as this game is an open world with an action-packed gameplay experience.

So are you trying this game today let us know in the comments.

Gangatar Vegas
Credit: Gameloft

Game Information

Game TitleGangstar Vegas
Game Size2 GB +
RAM Required3 GB +
Internet RequiredNot That Much
Play Store LinkGangstar Vegas

2.GTA Vice City

GTA Vice City a game which has many features, the game comes with the character Tommy Vercetti. The game is available on both Android / IOS also this game works well in talking about gameplay and also user experience. The game is developed by rockstar games and after its huge success, it is finally launched for Android / IOS. I have ranked this game as second as this game is a masterpiece and also got success in the gaming universe.

GTA Vice City
Credit: Rockstar Games

Game Information

Game TitleGTA Vice City
Game Size1.2 GB
RAM Required2 GB +
Play Store LinkVice City

3.V Fan Made

GTA V is a game that changed the gaming universe and also taken gaming industry to a next level. Many people are fans of the GTA series and this game ranked first among them buy unfortunately this game is not available for android/ios but to take the feel of this game on our android device the fan-made game is already made by GKD Gaming Studios. So if you want to try the game you can like it this game is available for android and works well on all android devices.

Game Information

Game Size400 MB
RAM Required2 GB +
DeveloperGKD Gaming Studios
Game LinkGTA Fan Made


Pay back 2 a open world game which runs on all android devices and works very well it’s does not lag and works very smootly thr best open world game for potato smartphones.

The game is developed by Apex designs in the year 2012 and released for Android and IOS.

The game is good with graphics also and it contains missions also.

Pay Back 2
Credit: Apex Designs

Game Information

Game Size100 MB
RAM Required2 GB +
DeveloperApex Designs
Game LinkPay Back 2

5.Gansgtar Vegas New Orleans

Gansgtar Vegas New Orleans a game by gameloft only the game contains good graphics and also the game quality is very good it’s reviews and user experiences are really good.

If you want want a game which is open world and also with good graphics this game is for you all guys try this best open world game for android which will enchance your gaming experience.

So this game will never disappoint you so you can try this game also.

Gangtar New Orleans
Credit: Gameloft
Game Size2 GB
RAM Required2 GB +
Play Store LinkGangstar Vegas New Orleans


So Finally we have got our top 5 games today so guys if you come here to get Best Open World Games For Android / IOS Conclusion then I think you got it.

How you liked the article let us know in the comment section. If you want some query to be answer let us know.

Also share this top 5 games like GTA 5 for Android / IOS post with friends who are true GTA fan.

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