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Apart from winning money by color and number prediction skills, VClub also offers attractive referral and agent programs. These provide opportunities to earn supplemental income by getting new users to the platform.

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This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to maximize profits from the VClub referral schemes through your social networks and circles.

VClub Refer and Earn Program

When you sign up on VClub app, a unique referral code is generated which can be shared widely through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc. When someone uses your referral code while registering, you get a bonus upon completion of their first recharge transaction. The bonus structure is:

  • Signup via Refer Code: ₹121
  • First recharge of ₹200+: ₹280

So, for each successful referral, you can earn ₹401 without any effort. The more friends you refer to, higher the potential earnings. This is why you need to copy your referral code and promote it as much as possible. You just need to highlight the benefits that come along with the VClub app and then promote. By doing that, it is possible for you to get a large number of referral sign ups under your code. This will help you with earning more referral bonus at the end of the day.

Maximizing Referral Earnings Follow these tips for better conversions on your VClub referrals:

  • Share code with close friends first who are more likely to sign up. Offer to guide them.
  • Post the referral link directly on WhatsApp Status, Instagram and FB inviting signups.
  • Explain the referral program benefits clearly to your network.
  • Monitor regularly and send reminders if referred friends have not completed registration.
  • Share experience of withdrawals, gameplay, and earnings to build trust.

VClub Agent Program VClub also offers an Agent / Business Promoter program where you can earn higher commissions by driving signups and revenue through structured efforts.

Agent Program Benefits:

  • Get your own customized referral link.
  • 10% commission on deposits by users referred via your link.
  • Additional rewards for achieving monthly targets of active referrals.
  • Dedicated account manager support and merchandise.

Earnings in the Agent program have no upper limit and depend on the number of active users referred and their revenue generation. It requires consistent engagement but offers income opportunity.

Becoming a VClub Agent If you wish to sign up as an Agent, send an email to VClub or contact support within the app expressing interest. The team will explain the program details and onboard you as an agent if criteria are met. Once approved, you get access to Agent portal where you can track your referrals, earnings, and performance analytics. Dedicated support is assigned to address queries.

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FAQ You May Ask

What is VClub’s Refer and Earn Program?

VClub’s Refer and Earn Program allows users to earn bonuses by sharing their unique referral code with others.

How much can I earn through the VClub Refer and Earn Program?

You can earn ₹121 for every signup via your referral code, and an additional ₹280 for the first recharge of ₹200 or more by the referred user.


Final words The referral scheme of VClub present easy ways to supplement prediction game income without additional effort. Utilize them smartly along with focusing on improving gameplay skills. Earn rewards while also helping expand the user community on a platform you find valuable!

VClub is a popular color prediction game. However, color prediction is not the only way to make money out of it. Along with color prediction, it is also better to take a look at the referral program. That’s because the referral program allows you to earn a passive income on the game. Therefore, you will not have to worry about playing any games to make money. You will even be able to make money while you are asleep. This is one of the biggest factors behind the popularity of VClub app among people as of now.

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