Warframe Wiki, Guides, Weapons, Mods, Resources, Mastery Rank 2023

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Warframe Wiki, Guides, Weapons, Mods, Resources, Mastery Rank, Market, Character, Warframes List, and Factions 2023 all are discussed here.

Warframe is an online free-to-play game made by Digital Extremes and developed by Panic Button Games on March 25, 2013, also there are designers Joey Adey, Ben Edney, Jonathan Gogul, and Mitch Gladney played a major role to make this game. Talking about the game it is good to play it is a Third-person shooter game with a great story. In this player has to control characters called Warframes in the game the concept is to fight against enemies of the solar system. Warframe gameplay is based on the concept of action, and exploration.

Available OnNintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Published ByDigital Extremes
Type:Third-person shooter
DateMarch 25, 2013
Official LinkWarframe

In the game, we players control the members of Tenno. It is a warrior who has been awakening from sleep to fight in the battle. In the game, we see 40+ frames, 400+ weapons, and 100+ hours which is like a never-ending experience.

Warframe Wiki

It’s time to explore all about this game to understand the game better and know its concept more clearly.

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Warframe Wiki


Now as we know you are Tenno in this game which controls all the 40+ frames in the game. Every frame plays the game with his own unique skills we can also increase and also improve our skills with the help of modding.

Warframe Warframes
Warframe Warframes

As in the beginning, we have to choose one frame from the options of Mag, Excalibur, and Volt we highly recommend a beginner to decide by their choice if you ask us about this we recommend you to go for Excalibur.

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Warframe Weapons

So talking about Warframe game weapons there are 400+ weapons in the game. They are having there own style of use. I think in a correct number it is 493 weapons in that 153 weapons are primary 123 are secondary 185 melee weapons 16 arch guns 19 robotic weapons and at last 8 arch melees.

Warframe weapons
Warframe weapons
Weapons TypeQuantity
Primary Weapons153
Secondary Weapons123
Melee Weapons185
Arch Guns16
Robotic Weapons19
Arch Melees8

My Favourite Weapons List

  • Hikou Prime: Feels like a ninja to the player. This weapon is just awesome you all should try it. It uses star weapons to throw on enemies.
  • Sybaris Prime: You have your own personal choice for spy’s in the game.

Till now we have discussed

  • Warframe Wiki
  • Warframe Weapons.

Warframe Mods

Warframes has lots of mods to play. Mods make the game more awesome. There are frames and weapons in the game as we have discussed so to work them more efficiently with their power we need mods.

Warframe Mods
Warframe Mods

Mods are a little bit tough for beginners who just started the game. But my experience and practice they also become good in this so just practice the game as much we can.

Warframe Resources

Resources play a major role to make the game more enjoyable. In warframe resources are one of the most important parts as they help to build items in the foundry system. The items are dropped on every planet and they are different for each planet. We can increase the resources with the help of frames and also by completing missions.

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Warframe Mastery Rank

Every game has a lead option in this game it is a mastery rank it shows you your growth level and how much the player has completed his gameplay. We can increase warframe mastery rank just by playing the game and gaining more skills and weapons and also frames.

Warframe Mastery Rank
Warframe Mastery Rank

How To Check Warframe Mastery Rank

  • Go to the game
  • Tap ESCAPE button
  • Now hover over your name and you will see your mastery rank of yours.

The highest Mastery Rank is 30 now.

Warframe Factions

Fractions play the most important role in the game. Till now there are 4 fractions in the game such as Tenno, Technocyte plague, The Corpus, The Grineer serve

This all plays the most important role and the Grineer serves with the title of most important antagonist in the game.

FAQ Related To Warframe

Is the Tenno human?

No there aren’t humans they have abilities and looking similar to humanoids they are voids entities.

What is the Warframe Wiki?

It is a game with frames and weapons in which we have to fight in battle with the enemies of other planets.

Is Warframe offline?

It is not an offline game it is an online shooter game and requires the internet to play.

How to check our mastery rank in Warframe?

To check your mastery rank just tap the ESCAPE button in the game and hover on your name you will get it.

Warframe Wiki And Guide

So finally we have discussed all Warframe Wiki, Guides, Weapons, Mods, Resources, Mastery Rank, Market, Character, and Warframes List. If you have any more doubts let us know in the comments.

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Thanks for reading.

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