WWE2K24 Android & IOS Apk Version Download For Mobile 2024

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Today in this post I will talk about WWE2K24 Android & IOS Apk Version Download For Mobile.

wwe2k24 Android iOS download

2K Games and WWE recently launched the latest game, WWE2K24, for XBOX, PS4, and PS5. But they haven’t released the game for Android and IOS mobiles yet.

So to make a solution we are here for you all to give you WWE2K24 Android and IOS.

WWE 2K games are famous along with all the game lovers.

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Many of us like fighting games and we love to play them on our PS5, and Xbox so lets dive right into in to the steps.

How To Download WWE2K24 On Android/IOS?

To download WWE2K24 on your Android or IOS, you have two options. You can either go for cloud gaming, which is online, or you can use the Dolphin emulator, which works offline.

So today we are going to discuss both of the guides to play.

WWE2K24 Android Download

WWE2K24 is a sequel to the previous game WWE2K23 now in this game they have made lots of changes for their users.

The game has good graphics latest arenas, players updates, and lots more we will discuss it in the below paragraphs.

download WWE2K24 mobile
Game TitleWWE2K24 Mobile
Size4 GB
Parts Size500 × 6 Parts
Developer2K Games
ModderGaming Mania
Available ForAndroid, IOS, PC (Soon)

The steps of installing the game are pretty easy so you don’t have to worry about it just read the article Install the game by our guide and yes it’s ready to play.

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WWE2K24 Mobile Apk

Yes, you can play the WWE2K24 mobile games on your Android by using the Dolphin emulator.

You usually need both the APK and OBB files for games downloaded from the Play Store. However, since the official WWE2K24 game is not available for Android yet, you won’t find it there. But there are many ways to play the WWE2K24 Android game on your mobile Like using a Dolphin emulator.

But How? Keep reading.

WWE2K24 Apk Download

WWE2K24 is a game that can be played using a dolphin emulator by using an ISO file and also saving data files with new arenas and updated players. The game doesn’t support the app version so why do We have to play it using an ISO file and dolphin emulator?

The game sized almost 4 GB to download as iso and save data files. Are you worried about how to download it?

Be worry-free now. But why?

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We are going to give you this WWE2K24 Apk in parts so you can download it in parts day by day.

Let’s Explore More About It

If you’re curious about the game—what it’s like, what it needs, and its cool features—we’ve got all that covered below. Let’s dive in!


wwe2k24 iOS gameplay
wwe2k24 dolphin emulator gameplay
wwe2k24 Android gameplay

The game on the Android is just amazing it has lots of features like real wwe2k24 which will blow your mind.

There are many gameplay features to explore also the game covers good gameplay graphics with HD textures.

I have talked about gameplay but what about its features if you want to know check this out.


The game is running in Dolphins emulator in which you can play the game with Xbox emulator style and also the arena.

  • Enhanced Graphics
  • Updated Players
  • Easy to play
  • Support all smartphones
  • New entrance
  • New matches
  • Universe Mode
  • 50+ Match Types

Now the game supports your mobile to know this we need to know the requirements so Let’s check out the requirements.


The game has good graphics and also it should have a good smartphone to run as a good experience needs good mobiles. So Let’s explore the requirements for it.

Smartphone Android Version8.0 +
ROM Should Be Free5 GB
ProcessorHigh End (Snapdragon 695+)

PPSSPP Download

WWE2K24 works in PPSSPP but it’s another mod the mod that we are giving is not for PPSSPP it is for the dolphin emulator.

Playing WWE2K24 on PPSSPP isn’t as good as the Dolphin emulator version. That’s why we suggest going for the Dolphin emulator, especially if your device has the requirements which are mentioned above.

Now if you want to install the game you will need an installation guide so Let’s See the tutorial below.

Let’s explore it.

How To Install On Mobile

Now, let’s break down the steps to install the latest version of the game.

Before you dive into downloading the game files, just take a moment to check out the game’s requirements.

If you read and the requirements are there in your smartphone then only go further and follow the below steps:

  1. Download all files below
  2. Make all of them in one place by adding them to one folder.
  3. You have to download the iso file parts.
  4. Also, you have to download and save data parts.
  5. Now after downloading them.
  6. Now it’s time to extract them using Zarchiver.
  7. Extract the iso files first part 1 only as all parts connected to it will extract at once.
  8. Now it’s time to extract the saved data.
  9. Extract it also by tapping on part 1 it will ask for a password its password is 9090.
  10. Now Install the emulator app.
  11. Now there is a setting file also given to you you just need to extract it in the dolphin emulator folder its password is 1000
  12. Now cut the dolphin-mmj folder and paste it in the device memory.
  13. Now it’s done open the emulator app.
  14. Tap on the Earth logo and locate your game.
  15. Now open the game and enjoy.

Now after the above steps, there’s one question in your mind how to download game files? If yes then just one answer for you download them from the below links just scroll down and get them.

How To Play WWE 2K24 Game On Mobile?

The only method to play PS5 games on your Android is through cloud gaming apps.

Now these apps fall into the freemium category, which means some are free features and some need to pay some amount to use features.

In this tutorial, I’ll guide you paid method with the help of Chikki Emulator.

Play WWE2K24 Using Chikki Emulator:

  1. Download the Chikki emulator on your mobile
  2. Install it and open it (if you face any problem while installing APK try to turn on unknown sources it will fix the problem)
  3. Now open the app and sign in using your Google account
  4. After that, you will see coins credited at the start. they give free trial coins (100 coins)
  5. You can get some more by daily opening the app and doing some task
  6. Now it’s time to play just go to search and search your favourite game and after that click on that image of the game
  7. Now tap on Play
  8. It will take some queue so let it be done fully or you can buy their subscription too if you want to skip
  9. When you start the game, you may need to wait in line for a short while. Just let it finish on its own, or you have the choice to speed it up by getting their subscription.
  10. After the wait, the game will start without any problems.
  11. Enjoy your game now

Android IOS Download Link

Now you have to go through the link we have given to you below it will contain game iso, game data, emulator, and setting file download them all, and follow all the steps.

Dolphin Emulator Wii File:


Chikki Emulator (Cloud method):


Now I think that you have some doubts regarding the game so Let’s discuss your doubts.

FAQ Related You May Ask Us

Is WWE2k24 on Android Available?

The official release is still pending, but you can play it using a WWE2k13 game mod on the Dolphin emulator.

How do you download 2K24?

It’s an Xbox, PS4, or PS5 game you will need one of them to play the real game.

How To Download WWE2K24 On Mobile?

The process is very simple just download the game files I provided to you and follow the guide to install it on your mobile.

Which superstars are there in WWE2K24 Mobile?

Yes, your favorite superstars include Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, Undertaker, Randy Orton, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and various new additions to WWE2K24.

WWE2K24 Mobile Download

So guys finally we have discussed all about WWE2K24 Android & IOS APK Version Download For Mobile now it’s time to say bye to this article and meet you soon with new articles.

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